Three for Three with Kevin Prince:

On his thoughts after the scrimmage, which got off to a bad start with an Eddie Williams false start:
“It was kind of slow to start; we preached all day, all yesterday that we need to focus, make sure we know the snap count. We’re going to need to change up the snap count during the year. The firstdrive, we false start. Right off the bat, we’re first-and-15. We didn’t get the start we wanted.”

On scrambling, which he did often in the scrimmage:
“I don’t feel like I’m a dual-threat quarterback I don’t have that kind of speed. Not enough to be in the class of a Dennis Dixon. But if the play breaks down, I think I can make some positive yards. If that happens during the course of a game, I’m going to take off and run it.”

On his no-nonsense running style:
“It’s a goal to stay healthy, but I’ve never really worried about getting hurt. The moment you start slowing your play down, it’s more dangerous. To be honest, I’ve never even slid in a game. I’ll try to this year, but once you get in a game, you get that mentality that you can take on anybody.”

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    Love the can-do attitude, but Kevin, if only for the sake of us who’ve watched too many of our starting QBs go down these past few years, please, please learn to slide!