• Rico Bruin

    Jill Great Job!! Absolutely wonderful article.
    You and Jon are doing a fantastic job of keeping us
    hungry Bruins Fans fed.

  • Fan4Life

    That was quite a story by Jill. I’ve been rooting for Christian to get a chance to show what he can do. Hopefully, he will be able to put those nagging injuries behind him and fully contribute to an eventful season.

  • samohopar

    Hey Jon, if these fires continue even for a couple of days more, wouldn’t the air at the Rose Bowl be hazardous for a football game? What will we do if that’s the case?

  • Bruin818

    Great story! Let’s hope this is his breakout year.

  • Anonymous

    for all the Hispanics: Ryan moya, Christian ramirez, damien holmes, frank guzman, Ryan medina, alex mascarenas, nick garibay, and hopefully many more

  • northbaybruin

    Great story, Jill. Nice to see the person behind the uniform. And that is what UCLA is all about.

  • ProdigalBruin

    Favorite C-Ram moment:

    I remember sitting on the Farm at Stanford when he broke off that big run. He was breaking tackles at the line and pushing through for YAC. I think he ended up and following through and punching it in for a touchdown.

    I sure hope he can stay healthy during the season and contribute!

    Go Bruins!

  • lavsmousse

    For what its worth-I was sitting next to a gentleman at the Drake scrimmage who saw many of Ramirez’s HS games. He said that Christian was always injured during his HS senior year also. Sounds like it is unlikely that Ramirez will remain injury free through out the year. Fortunately we have good depth at TB this year.

  • Coach Thom

    lavsmousse should slither back to the ‘lav’, pull the chain, and flush itself down the toilet. On a happier note, great article, Jill. You got me all misty-eyed and proud of Christian and his family. I’ve been a fan of C-ram ever since that Stanford game and can’t wait to see him back in action.

  • lavsmousse

    I too cant wait to see Christian back in action. The reality is, however, that he has had an assortment of injuries since Spring Ball. The other tailbacks have remained healthy and have earned their playing time. I choose to view the situation through clear eyes, as opposed to Coach Thoms misty ones.

  • Skyler

    GREAT STORY! Thanks!

  • Reality Bites

    Jon, you are a class act. Jill, Jon is right, that is a great story.

  • Anonymous

    this story did have a big hole. In the beginning it said Christian’s dad had no role in his life, and towards the end it said his dad was a prominent figure in his life…

  • Anonymous

    Mark sanchez tony romo jeff Garcia jim plunket Mexican american quarterbacks

  • Bob

    The story had no holes:

    “Ramirez’s biological father – Mack’s high school sweetheart – never has been involved in Ramirez’s life, so Mack gave her son her maiden name, Ramirez.”

    “When Ramirez was young, his mom married Levon Mack.”

    “His parents divorced, but Levon Mack still is instrumental in Ramirez’s life.”

  • ocbruinbacker

    I think Alex Mascarenas is part Filipino, none the less, good luck to all the latino bruins and to CR making a speedy recovery.

  • Resource Guy

    Jill – great article. Another quality UCLA kid.

    Does anyone know if there are any fall back plans for the game this week if the fires continue to cause a problem? Will the game move to San Diego or even worse, downtown? When does a decision need to be made? Containment may not be for another week and a half.

  • Anonymous

    also included should be Robert Franco and Garrett rubio. as for mascarenas i too thought he was Filipino but i have seen his family and they all looked Hispanic

  • Anonymous

    I watched almost every one of Christian’s high school games. He was not injured through much of his senior year, there were other issues for the reason why he didn’t have big yardage as a senior. He may have missed one or two games due to injury, but was playing split end for most of the time so that another player could play. It would have been frightening what his career numbers would have looked like had he been at running back the whole time.

    Everytime they needed a big play he was back in the backfield. I think that he already had a scholarship so the coaching staff was allowing other kids to get an opportunity to showcase their skills.

    BTW…Christian has gotten a bad wrap for the academic thing last year. I would like to say that he was a VERY good student in my class, he was humble, and knew how to ask questions. He doesn’t deserve to have people that don’t know him or the situation run his reputation into the ground. He is a great kid, I hope other people have the opportunity to find that out.

  • Johnny Angel

    Thanks, Jill and Jon. Keep up the good work!