Neuheisel On (Part 3): Where the team stands

On his first coaching poll:
“I think I put us at 25. I’m like Steve Spurrier, I always vote for the school I went to to get into that Top 25. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the opening season poll. A lot will be determined as we go down the way.”

On the team speed:
“They’re going to require attention from the defense. In so doing, they create space for the rest of the players. It’s a beginning, we’re not there yet as a team. With our improvement, so should the offense improve.”

On the biggest improvement he’s seen this year:
“I don’t that there’s a single biggest improvement. I do believe we’ve increased our team speed. I do believe that we are a year into the offense, so there will be less reason for misunderstandings, not getting our schemes correct. Hopefully a reduction of turnovers will come from that. I also believe we’re a bit more physical on the offensive front. I think we have more depth. And we’ll be able to block and protect better than we did a year ago.”

On starting a redshirt freshman quarterback:
“You don’t do it unless you feel real good about the person you give the keys too. We feel good about Kevin Prince. You always have to temper your enthusiasm for that person with realistic expectations so that you’re not getting overly angry or putting too much on one youngster. I’m coaching myself as we speak here. I’m reminding myself that I’ve got to take a big bottle of patience before I take the field.”

On his sometimes tumultuous relationship with his quarterbacks:
“It’s fair to say that the relationship between myself and the quarterback has been well documented. I don’t think what’s television approved is the conversation that happens after the initial conversation, where I go back and settle down. You guys can’t say anything that my mother hasn’t already said to be, with regards to being nicer, gentler, calmer with my quarterback. I’m doing the best I can.”

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  • Rico Bruin

    Jon just great stuff!! Thanks.

    I heard that Coach Chow is going to call plays from the sideline. Would you find out if he has ever done that before, and what are the reasons for the change.

  • KenWalker

    slick neu-weasel