Pre-practice update

Looks like UCLA is charging through practice, as the smoke and ash seem to have settled around Westwood but not so much directly on it. The air is breathable, though certainly will be something to keep an eye on.

Quick status update: Christian Ramirez is sans walking boot but still walking with a noticable limp.

I’ll have the depth chart at some point, and I encourage readreacts to any and all positions.
Really, the only things left to decide are Baca/Hasiak at left guard and Love/Dye at strong safety.

Unofficially, the rest is here:
QB Prince
RB Franklin
FB Moline
WR1 Austin
WR2 Embree
TE Paulsen
LT Su’a-Filo
LG Baca/Hasiak
C Maiava
RG Williams
RT Harris

DT Price
DT Siewerski
DE Kor. Bosworth
DE Jones
LB Carter
LB Ky. Bosworth
LB Ayers
CB Verner
CB Hester
FS Moore
SS Love/Dye


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  • I have to wait and ask coach about that

  • No, I havent heard anything about cancelling the game. Worst case scenario, I assume – and this is just an educated guess – would be a postponement.

  • anonymous

    What happens if the air quality/fires are too severe around the Rose Bowl on Saturday?

  • Just grabbed Reggie Carter real quick, and he said they haven’t said anything to the players to indicate either a cancellation or postponement.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, have you heard any talk over there of them cancelling the game because of the fires?

  • Also, as expected, the Bosworths are back at practice after returning from Texas.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon do you think the game will be canceled or moved t another location?

  • And Jess Ward looks like he’ll be practicing in full.

  • A source just said things should be known by Wednesday, but that the probable contigency plan would be moving the game to December.

  • I’m guessing Baca will start at LG. From my vantage point – and granted, I don’t have the benefit of film – he did nothing to lose his starting position. Harris very well could have earned the right tackle spot, but I just don’t know how Baca goes from starter to backup without any drastic let downs.

  • Rico Bruin

    It just doesn’t seem right that Baca would lose his job because he covered the LG position while Hasiak was out.
    I thought Baca was our most consistent OL last season.
    Your thoughts.

  • ET

    For Prince and the offense sack we need to play this game against SDSU.

    We need atleast one game under our belt before heading to the Oranged out stadium in Knoxville.

    What do you think Jon?

  • Wishful Thinking

    How about getting Aaron Corp?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know when josh smith will enroll at ucla? i haven’t heard anything new on him for a while..

  • Anonymous

    hasiak and dye
    cuz i knew an old lady who swallowed a fly
    i guess she’ll dye