Three for Three with Stanley Hasiak

On potentially losing his starting spot:
“The coaches have just said they’re going to try people at different spots in case a guy up front goes down. We don’t want to send somebody in there who doesn’t know what they’re doing. We don’t know what’s going on right now. I kind of got over it – if I’m the starter come game day, that’s fine.”

On how a stinger injury last week cost him:
“The injury just kind of set me back. It put me in the back, not all the way in the bottom, but coaches had to sort of take precautionary measures. They had to stick somebody else in there.”

On not getting to play on Saturday because of the fires:
“We’d be pretty fierce if we didn’t get to play Saturday. We wouldn’t have it. We’d be pissed, practicing all summer, real hard, getting ready for a team we know nothing about. Everybody would be pretty much heated. We’d be waiting for the next game, definitely.”

Furious Fauria

Redshirt sophomore Joseph Fauria is having a bit of trouble adjusting to life as a transfer.
This is one competitive dude, as evidenced by his reaction after a dropped pass during scout team offense. He fell to his knees and punched the ground in frustration.
He is just as frustrated knowing that he will sit out the season.
“It’s definitely a big mental challenge on someone like me, who’s really passionate about the game, really wants to help the team,” Fauria said. “Of course I want to be out there with the ones, helping this offense. I’m just doing the best I can.”
He knows the feeling, having planned on redshirting last season before playing in three games.
“In the beginning last year, I redshirted, but it got blown halway through the season,” Fauria said. “Things were looking up there, I was supposed to play a lot this year, but things happened, I came here, and another redshirt. It’s going to be tough again. I know how the ropes work, and I’ll be better from it.

Two for Two with Jeff Baca

On his preference, right tackle or left guard:
“I think it’s still up in the air – I think I’ll find out once I settle down and play a position. I don’t have a preference. It’s not an adjustment that’s too drastic.”

On how UCLA’s planned zone blocking schemes will help him switch back and forth:
“Being in this scheme is pretty universal, everybody almost has the same job. That helps a lot, switching positions. The gap zone part of it, I wouldn’t say it’s easier, but if you just play your gaps, you’re good.”

Bullough on the safety battle

UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough on the starting strong safety battle between Glenn Love and Tony Dye:
“If we had to go in the game today, Dye’s out there. (He’ll) only come out of a game if they’re tired or knocked up. But I feel like we have three safeties we can play right now.”

On thoughts from Friday’s scrimmage:
“Ones didn’t get many reps, the twos were getting them, and some of them can’t play. Depth is a concern here, it is a concern. And we don’t know from San Diego State, they’re locked down, no tape, nothing.”