Post-practice wrap-up

Practice ended with a spirited run-through, with players seeming very eager for Saturday to come quickly.
The Bosworths were back on the field, Jeff Baca was primarily running with the first team at left guard and Tony Dye appears to have separated himself at strong safety.

I spoke with several players about the air-quality issue, and they are very anxious to play. They do not want to see this game postponed…

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Conversation with Pasadena FD PIO

Just spoke with Lisa Derderian, the public information officer for the Pasadena fire department, and things don’t look good.
“It is a volatile situation at the moment,” Derderian said. “I don’t think we’ll hear anything for a couple days. They’re anticipating the fire to run another week.”
Though there is a thick plume of smoke directly over Pasadena, Derderian said, the Rose Bowl is not threatened.
“At this point, it’s the air quality,” Derderian said. “The Rose Bowl is not threatened. Of course this fire kind of has a personality of its own. It’s doubled in fire over night. But I can assure you the Rose Bowl won’t be affected.”
Derderian said the best case scenario would be a decision on Wednesday, though she did not make any promises.
“Just throwing out a date, Wednedsay we hope to have a definite answer,” Derderian said. “We’re telling businesses, a lot of it has to do with people with existing medical conditions. Asthma, heart, lung disease.
“The problem is we have no wind. That’s good for firefighting, but bad for not blowing the air out”.

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SDSU on the fires

Just talked to an inside contact at San Diego State, and he said the following::

*UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and SDSU AD Jeff Schemmel are in constant contact regarding the fires.
*After going through the same situation in 2007 – fires knocked the SDSU’s game against BYU from Oct. 27 to Dec. 1 – the Aztecs are certainly understanding.
*As of Monday morning, both programs are far away from a point of no return.
*Wednesday will likely be the day they make the decision.
*With the two schools being located so close, with no airfare involved, makes travelling a lot easier.
*But they haven’t gone down that path yet.
*Final comments: “To be honest, it’s too early in the week for talk about cancellation. Today’s call was to bring everyone up to speed. There will be continuous contact throughout the week.”
*”Barring a really severe situation, this will go away.”

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