Pre-practice update

Looks like UCLA is charging through practice, as the smoke and ash seem to have settled around Westwood but not so much directly on it. The air is breathable, though certainly will be something to keep an eye on.

Quick status update: Christian Ramirez is sans walking boot but still walking with a noticable limp.

I’ll have the depth chart at some point, and I encourage readreacts to any and all positions.
Really, the only things left to decide are Baca/Hasiak at left guard and Love/Dye at strong safety.

Unofficially, the rest is here:
QB Prince
RB Franklin
FB Moline
WR1 Austin
WR2 Embree
TE Paulsen
LT Su’a-Filo
LG Baca/Hasiak
C Maiava
RG Williams
RT Harris

DT Price
DT Siewerski
DE Kor. Bosworth
DE Jones
LB Carter
LB Ky. Bosworth
LB Ayers
CB Verner
CB Hester
FS Moore
SS Love/Dye


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Slick(hands) Rick

Freshman wide receiver Ricky Marvray had a tough day on Friday.
On one play, he muffed a punt, gobbled it in the end zone and, rather than take the touchback, ran it back out.
Then he fumbled the ball.
A coach then chewed him out.
“What was the first thing you did wrong? What was the second? What was the third? Now you know. That’s why we’re out here. … Now give me 25 up-downs.”
To Marvray’s credit, he did not hang his head low, and was eager to get back on the field, though he would add another fumble and a dropped pass.

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