Josh Smith a Bruin

Junior wide receiver Josh Smith has officially transferred to UCLA and is expected to join the Bruin football team in the next day or two.

In 2008, he set a Colorado record with 1,987 all-purpose yards and earned honorable mention All-Big 12 acclaim as a kick returner. He also set school records with 50 kickoff returns for 1,276 yards (25.5 average) and averaged 10.4 yards on 28 punt returns.

The Moorpark High product is also a receiver, averaging 16.1 yards on 52 receptions at Colorado.

  • Anonymous

    The second I saw the title, I got extremely excited. Then I realized you’re talking about the football Josh Smith. haha. Oh well, still nice to have him.

    Let’s just work on reeling in the basketball Josh Smith.

  • Coach Thom

    We are finally getting the quality athletes required to knock SC off its perch. Keep doing, Rick!!

  • CU and UCLA grad

    I watched this kid last year as I watch all Colorado and UCLA games as an alum of both. He absolutely flys. If he were eligible, he would replace #4 on kickoffs, no doubt.

  • jdoggbruin

    ditto anonymous.

  • ray

    Has anyone else heard the rumor about his nephew Darrell Scott possibly coming to UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    Can he play DT? We need dt’s and lb’s.

  • Anonymous

    There is no Darrell Scott rumor. Plus, he’s looking like a bust.

    We need DT’s? Yes, but the recruiting season is still young and UCLA may have a quality transfer when Mobley is admitted.

  • Fan4Life

    Fwiw, two years ago Franklin ran for 260 yards against Santa Margarita while Darrell Scott only had 60 two weeks before against the same team.

  • Lavin<Dorrell

    wow. are officially labeling guys busts for not being amazing in their first year of college football now? thats harsh.

  • Anonymous


  • Dark Vador

    I find the lack of updates to this blog disturrrrbing. CRUNCH

  • Anonymous

    and their fans still find it necessary to troll on our board …. hmmm, what does that tell ya?

  • boelterbruin

    going to ≠ trolling

  • Anonymous

    anon at 4:53, and i would hope you don’t gloat and primp on their board about the recruiting wins (basketball or football) you perceive we have over them in true troll fashion.

  • so west Coast

    what’s wrong with it is wasting his and others’ time by announcing commitments. what a joke.

  • Training Day

    I guess Jon Gold took the day off today…

    Tired of checking for updates only to see yesterday’s post. I’m out.

  • Chuckles

    No, he’s been named the official beat writer for UCLA Football and Basketball. Feels no need to make us happy any longer.

  • Anonymous

    Anon 4:53 is probably the same person as Anon 4:11, just pretending to be a Bruin fan.

    It’s time to get rid of anonymous commenting. At least require minimal effort (sign up for another account) to create alter egos. Right now it takes no effort at all to troll this forum. Come on Jon, make it happen. Those who really wish to contribute will no doubt register.

    I love this blog, let’s try to make it more valuable to your die hard fans (as opposed to sc trolls) by instituting some accountability to the commenting.

  • so west Coast

    haha, the irony…

  • RodneyGuillory

    It appears as though Brian is in East Brunswick, NJ and still works as a reporter out of a home office. Can anyone figure out who he’s writing for?

  • lavsmousse

    According to BRO, Brian is working for Scout,Inc.