Korey Bosworth on a mission

After passing along the well-wishes by both myself and those who so kindly chimed in on the blog, Korey Bosworth had this to say…
“I feel that since I’ve come back, I have more of a purpose. Every year since I was a kid, my grandpa went to every practice, every game. It was harder in the past couple years because of the cancer to get out here. He would try to make it as much as he can. Now he is not going to be able to be here. It will make me more focused, more energetic, more purposed to get where I want to go, which is the NFL. That was his dream, as well. Me winning this San Diego State game, that’s the first stepping stone in making sure my grandpa is looking down on us, still happy.”

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  • Anon

    Since Bosworth is going on a mission, does that mean that Sua Filo can forego his?