Neuheisel On:

On how the team prepares this late for a team with a brand new coaching staff:
“It’s under the cloak of darkness. We don’t know. We have New Mexico tape, we have Auburn tape, we can go back to the archives and see what they did at UCLA. They’ve got nice bios, both coordinators. With Brady Hoke, we can look at the Ball State tape. But we don’t know what the combination has done.
“They’re smart. They’ve kept it completely secret.”

On what he’s seen from last year’s SDSU game film:
“We’ve seen the personnel and we’re impressed with the personnel. They certainly have some good athletes. They’re going to be inspired. New coaching staffs bring a new culture. There’s a lot of energy. They’re going to come into this thing fully expecting to win the game.”

On the potential for fires disrupting the game:
“The only thing I’ve heard is it would be postponed, it they would not change the venue”

On the decision not to play Kevin Prince last season:
“We considered it. Early in the season we considered it. I think probably the best way to say why I didn’t – I hesitated, and once I hesitated I figured I’d weather the storm, and we’d wait til next year. I didn’t believe at that time that he’d come and change the course of the season. I just didn’t think adding youth to the position was the way to go.”

On the defensive leaders:
“I think the leader, the vocal leader, is Reggie Carter. He calls the signals, they certainly respect his toughness, his ability to play middle linebacker, but I believe there are a host of other leaders. Alterraun Verner is a proven entity, Brian Price is working towards that, Akeem Ayers will develop into that deal. The Bosworth boys don’t say much but their work is evident on every play. I feel like our defense has a host of guys who are going to have breakout seasons.”

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  • KenWalker

    Does anyone wonder how long it will take slick neu-weasel to chew out his quarterback in front of the team along the sideline?