Three on Three with Kevin Prince

On a potential rivalry with USC freshman quarterback Matt Barkley:
“I’m not worried about comparisons or any Barkley-Prince duels. We’re just going to go play football, and I’m sure he feels the same way. He just wants to win games and lead his team to Rose Bowls and championships, just like I do. I won’t be focusing on beating Matt in any one-on-one matchup. I don’t think there’s any rivalry there.”

On what to expect with SDSU:
“It’s kind of tough to know what to expect when you get a whole new coaching staff. Usually you get to watch last year’s game film. This year, we’re not really sure about their whole personnel. We’re preparing for everything.”

On what UCLA is focusing on in game films:
“Right now, we’re worried about schemes. I feel like we have a good game plan, a variety of plays that can match the plays they’ll possibly run.”

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  • Anonymous

    same questions to different people over and over again. u should mix it up. questions where we get to know them personally…

  • Jewin

    Hey Jon. Do you think you might be able to put together a list of recruits UCLA is expecting to attend this weekend’s game?


  • Anonymous

    jon, ur doin a great job. keep up the good work. personal stuff is fine if ur into people magazine or tmz but real fans just want football…


    Jon, heard you on the radio down here in SD (1360 AM), nice job buddy.

  • Anonymous

    We are so excited and pumped to watch Kevin lead the Bruins! He is a solid,
    mature young man with a lot of integrity. He will have to endure the highs
    and lows of the game, but he has a bright future.
    Jon, you are an enthusiastic and totally committed writer who is definitely in
    the “thick” of Bruin football and I enjoy reading all the info you are printing!
    Keep it up!
    Go Bruins!

  • Wrong answer, Kevin.

    Media hype and exposure is always ratcheted up when there are rivalries between individual stars. Whether you feel like there’s a rivalry or not (honestly, as a competitor, how could you not?) just say there is. Talk about how much you desire to keep him winless in the UCLA-USC game for the next four years. It will focus national media attention on UCLA, which will bring more recruits, which will lead to a dynasty of championships.

    So Kevin, embrace the rivalries, team and individual, express your desire to beat those hated trojies, and then go out and DO it.