Checking in…finally

Hello all,

First off, so sorry for the delay. As has been said, yes, I have been hired as the full-time UCLA beat writer. Before I begin, let me say, quite simply: thank you. I have it on good authority that the more than 60 (SIXTY!?!) emails that my bosses received played a big part in the hiring, and I am both extremely honored and quite thankful for my reception.

Taking over the beat – and especially the blog – has been a huge undertaking, and your kindness, politeness and respect has been incredible. There is no way to convey my appreciation, other than I have been overwhelmed.

Secondly, I was in human resources meetings all day and JUST walked in the door. Literally, I put my things down, pulled out the computer and started typing. I am very excited to be on this beat – clearly! – and I have tried to put my heart and soul into it, as you put your heart and soul into your love and passion for UCLA. I will not let you down. Though, today, I might have. One more quick note: For two days, my internet has not worked at UCLA during practice, and I’m on the issue.

Now, I will make an introductory post tonight, followed by some practice tidbits, interviews and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, an update on the fire situation.

Again, thank you, THANK you and thank YOU – OK, THANK YOU – for the hospitality.

I can’t replace Dohn in your hearts, but hopefully there’s a place for me, too.

Take care