Checking in…finally

Hello all,

First off, so sorry for the delay. As has been said, yes, I have been hired as the full-time UCLA beat writer. Before I begin, let me say, quite simply: thank you. I have it on good authority that the more than 60 (SIXTY!?!) emails that my bosses received played a big part in the hiring, and I am both extremely honored and quite thankful for my reception.

Taking over the beat – and especially the blog – has been a huge undertaking, and your kindness, politeness and respect has been incredible. There is no way to convey my appreciation, other than I have been overwhelmed.

Secondly, I was in human resources meetings all day and JUST walked in the door. Literally, I put my things down, pulled out the computer and started typing. I am very excited to be on this beat – clearly! – and I have tried to put my heart and soul into it, as you put your heart and soul into your love and passion for UCLA. I will not let you down. Though, today, I might have. One more quick note: For two days, my internet has not worked at UCLA during practice, and I’m on the issue.

Now, I will make an introductory post tonight, followed by some practice tidbits, interviews and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, an update on the fire situation.

Again, thank you, THANK you and thank YOU – OK, THANK YOU – for the hospitality.

I can’t replace Dohn in your hearts, but hopefully there’s a place for me, too.

Take care

  • Anonymous

    Welcome aboard. Look forward to visiting your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • BruinJigs

    Congratulations Jon!

  • gerry4ucla

    Jon Congrats,

    I’m sure that you’re going to do a great job. Certainly a 1000% better than that TJ Slimer guy. I can’t stand him.

    BTW please consider doing a Q&A. That was my favorite part of the blog and I will surely miss it

  • Anonymous

    dohn who? luv ya jon, we trust youll do a fantastic job!

  • Fan4Life

    Congrats Jon! Just keep on doing your best. That is all we can ask of you. It’s great to have you on board for good. Finally!

    Best of luck to you,


  • Anonymous


    Congrats. I’m proud to be one of the 60 emailers.

    Now, can you change the window title (upper left hand corner of the web page) to have your name instead of Dohn?


    Chuck Ackerman
    Class of 75

  • Bruins095

    congrats, welcome aboard.

  • 13-9

    Congrats Jon. We love recruiting scoops so go out and get some great contacts.

    Make it your own my man.

  • Rob

    Congrats Jon. You are miles ahead of the curve. The only thing to settle now is your nickname. I vote B-Gold.

  • BruinFan

    Congratulations Jon! I love the work you have done so far and I am ecstatic they decided to give you the job.

    Look forward to all your great coverage of UCLA sports!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Jon!
    I am looking forward to your future work covering UCLA!

  • Anonymous


    The energy, professionalism and keen writing style was very much appreciated. The fact that you also displayed an exuberance for what could have been easily construed by you as a temporary gig and treated as such, but instead you drank from the passion bucket and went all out says a lot about your character. Good luck and keep doing that thing you do.

  • PowderKegBlue

    Congratulations on your permament gig as the new UCLA Guy! Your work up to this point has been awesome; I hope you can keep up the pace for the rest of the year(just wait ’til basketball season). Don’t worry one bit about trying to fill Dohn’s or anyone else’s shoes, you’ve already made a name for yourself.

  • yabooo

    You are doing a great job. I think we are very lucky to have someone like you covering UCLA. As some posters have chimed in, I too would like to see the friday/saturday question and answer sessions back. The Q&A sessions allow you to impart some of your personality and opinion to the blog. I think this makes it more fun.

  • Anonymous

    great news!

  • tim warren

    Congrats, Jon! Good luck on your new assignments.

  • KenWalker

    Welcome Jon. You’re an upgrade from Dohn. Now about that slick neu-weasel…..

  • Anonymous

    Jon, congratulations. I was one of the 60 too, plus I posted your boss’s contact info on Bruingold and encouraged others to follow suit. You came in, you hit the ground running, you were smart enough to seize the opporunity and you got it. Let others learn the right way to do it from you. UCLABruin76

  • UCLA ’64

    Hey Jon!

    Great news and congratulations! I think you have done and will continue to do a great job. Thank Jill Painter for her efforts as well. I hope you decide to continue the weekly Q and A with the readers because that was one of my favorite parts of the blog. Thank your bosses for hiring you for the Bruin beat. It’s great news.

    Go Bruins!

  • j_doe

    Jon, Congratulations. Are doing excellent work!

  • gumlegs

    Congratulations to The Daily News and to Jon.

  • John


    Mahalo for coming aboard as the full time blogger. With Jill, we should have a great team.

  • Ryan


    Congratulations! One of the things that made Dohn so successful was his connections within the program, where he was able to obtain insider information that us UCLA fans frothed from the mouth for. I have no doubt that you will develop these relationships, based on the work ethic you’ve displayed thus far. Keep up the hard work sir!

  • BradleyBruin

    Jon, you are solid Gold my man. Great to have you on the beat, you are on the ball. Keep up the great work!

  • devildog-bruin

    Congratulations Jon, you have been doing a great job. Keep up the good work, I’m sure you will continue doing a great job!

  • blue

    Congratulations Jon! I enjoy your writing and am very happy they decided to give you the job full time.

  • Anonymous


    Please keep this in mind, it was because of YOUR enthusiasm that you got the job, not the e-mails sent to your boss. YOU earned the job yourself. Those of us that took the time to write to your editor, did so because we love UCLA. We did it for selfish reasons. We are passionate about UCLA athletics and we only want those who are as enthused as we are to comment on or report about anything UCLA. Can you blame us ? That’s not to say that we only want a “Yes” man. We want honesty and enthusiasm. And you’ve shown that to be the case so far. As someone stated earlier,”You drank from the Passion Bucket”…and we felt it. Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    Dude – take ownership of this gig. I was miffed when Dohn left but I am looking forward to your posts more than ever. I think you have a flair that Dohn didn’t. You seem to be a more interactive guy when it comes to talking to recruits whereas Dohn was more no-nonsense, and capable of breaking news responsibly. Just one word of caution – don’t violate the trust of your contacts, your blog and your reputation depends on it! Good luck!!

  • Rico Bruin

    Congratulations Jon you are the right man for the job.
    Trust our instincts and continue to pour your heart into it.
    Looking forward to all of your future posts.

  • RXBruin

    CONGRATULATIONS JON! Well deserved! We really appreciate your hard work and understanding to fill our information needs. By the way, don’t forget to set up the in-game chats for the upcoming games!


  • Bob Colvin

    I was one of the 60 or so and am thrilled to see you got the gig. Not easy and we are demanding, but your style and timeliness are terrific. Keep up the good work and congratulations on a job well deserved.

  • BruinFanBaby

    Welcome, Jon. In your time so far, you have done an extraordinary job. Keep up the good work! Congratulations.

  • Big Fan

    Hooray, I’m glad that you are now our permanent UCLA blogger! 3 cheers to you Jon Gold!!!

  • Yoda

    Jon, welcome you are.

    use The Force.

    strong The Dark Side is with USC.

    defeat them we must.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Congrats Jon. Best of luck in your new job.

    Now wouldn’t it be great to ditch that wierd looking bear and get something else, anything else on there? i don’t care what it is, that bear gives me nightmares…