Eddie Williams update

The redshirt junior transfer sat out practice after suffering from dehydration yesterday.
After practice on Tuesday, Williams began to cramp up and after attempts to insert an intravenous fluid tube proved unsuccessful, he was taken to the hospital.
Rick Neuheisel said after practice, though, that Williams would be full go at practice tomorrow, and would still be starting on Saturday.

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  • Fan4Life

    Last year, a couple of weeks before the Tennessee game, former UCLA track coach Jim Bush who was attending practice, had to be treated by paramedics for dehydration AND it was on TUESDAY!

    Maybe it was Dehydration Tuesday???

  • Joe B.Ruin

    Jon, I want to officially welcome you. You have been doing a great job. However, I hope you don’t burn out because first game hasn’t even been played, you have been posting with your hair on fire…great stuff too. But as a friendly warning, these posters can also turn on you, and always want more.

    Remember, you are in charge now, not these posters.

    Good luck to you, and the Bruins this season.

  • Fan4Life

    I want to echo Joe B Bruin’s thoughts. Brian worked up to a lot of stuff with the chats and Q&As, but that wasn’t there at the beginning. He was figuring it all out just like you will have to. His experience with the program led to him becoming the SME for all things UCLA football and basketball so he could handle the Q&As but even that took some refining.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see this great article on Forbath?


    Glad we have him!

  • JosephineBruin

    couldn’t find DNJGInsideUCLA on twitter

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with Jon never posting anything during the day? I would always check this site multiple times throughout the work day and enjoy reading Brian’s updates but with Jon it seems to just be an influx of info late at night.

  • uclabz

    Anon @11:01AM: Jon mentioned earlier he is having problems connecting to the internet at the practice field. He said he is working on it, but it still seems to be a problem.

  • Anonymous

    GAME IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! official word has been put out! YEA BABY!