Neuheisel On:

On Thursday’s practice:
“Other days you’re installing, putting things in. But Thursday is sort of a compilation. We have more time for the first game, and we can afford to have Thursdays. It was clean, very clean. I think we’re getting it.

On Thursday practices:
“I have a routine of what we call the perfect Thursday. For the first game of the year, I always plan two Thursday practices. This was my best first Thursday practice. Hopefully tomorrow will be indicative of where we are. I just thought that concentration was good and guys were on it and into it.”

On the team’s confidence going into Saturday’s game:
“We’re 100 miles an hour going toward game day. I think our confidence level is where it ought to be. A lot of nervous anxiety, guys playing for the first time. It will be here before we know it.”

On the chances the game will be cancelled:
“It will be what it will be. Our guys are anxious, I know San Dei has got to be anxious. You play against each other for three and a half weeks, its time to play somebody else. We’re looking forward to it, but we certainly respect the experts. We know those who are judging the air quality will do the right thinkg

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  • KenWalker

    I shoulda had this gig. Slick Neu-weasel, good luck against Tennessee!

  • Lavin<Dorrell

    as much as im all for name-calling, i must say that i’ve never been impressed with the neu-weasel thing. its frankly just not that clever, which would be fine if it was funny but it sorta fails there too. if i were him, i’d much prefer slick rick at least for the catchiness.

  • KenWalker

    Fits him to the tee