Game. Day.

Guys, girls, the season is finally upon us.
I’m pretty damn excited to cover my first game this year; like the Bruins, I’ve seen enough practice! Time to get some real action.

I’ll be heading to the Rose Bowl around 11 and roaming the tailgate area, making some acquaintances.

I will provide some updates, highlights and quicktakes and please let me know what else you guys want today.

I will figure out how to do the chats that have become a staple of the blog, and hopefully we can get that started this week.

In the meantime, here’s a game feature preview from today’s paper.



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  • Anon


  • Dale

    Come by lot 6 against the fence for a cold one and a taco!!!!!!!Go Bruins

    UCLA Tailgaters Home of the loudest 8 clap!!!!

  • ttung

    I’m so excited!! Lets Go Bruins!!

  • bruindodger


    Any word on visits coming to the game? I would to see: Ward, Jones, Stilts, Barr, and many more great recruits there. Any info you can provide would be nice. Thanks,

  • Jbruin

    Can you let us know which recruits are at the game and any related info? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The Daily News has an excellent opportunity to become the newspaper of UCLA fans. Today’s LA Times letter section had only letters from TrOJans pumping up the trOJans and denigrating UCLA. Follow that up with their online stories. The first 4 stories are about SUC and the bottom two smaller stories about UCLA.

    Today was my last day buying the times.

  • bf627

    Jon –

    Please do Q/A in the same format as Brian. It was the hallmark of this blog. Thanks!


  • Anonymous

    Lot 6. Where is it?

  • Anonymous


    A list of visits attending the game. And maybe you can talk to them after the game to so how they enjoyed the game.

    Good Luck and Welcome for you 1st official Game as the UCLA Beat writer.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Like most posters before me, I’m interested in knowing which recruits were in attendance.

  • Anonymous

    for those interested in recruits in attendence, bruin report online lists those in attendence as well as film of UCLA recruits in their high school games and other recruiting tidbits. Its about $10 a month, but if you are a die hard, it may be worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Like Morrell Presley, and Randall Carroll?

  • txbruin

    Nice story on Embree. I hope we see those hands making a big play in the end zone. Also, congrats on getting the UCLA gig, Jon.

  • Anonymous

    link to recruits attending the game. Looks like Old School will be disappointed to see how many SUC recruits are on the list.