Knox in the Box

UCLA’s top two running backs have given way to Milton Knox, who has four carries for 30 yards on this drive so far.
Johnathan Franklin was steady, averaging 4.1 yards on 11 carries, while Derrick Coleman was spectacular, with four carries for 69 yards.

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  • Howard

    Are we really going to have to listen to James Washington all season? I’m sure he’s a nice guy but if one makes one’s living speaking English shouldn’t one be required to speak it correctly and not stutter as well? It would be nice if a UCLA grad wouldn’t make about a hundred grammar errors in three and a half hours. How about at least having a voice for it?
    His nasally falsetto just doesn’t cut it. This is big time division one college football, come on UCLA, you can do better! I’d rather listen to Billy Mac call the game by himself and I wish Washington would go into coaching.

  • BruinLoser98

    Shut upp Howard da duck. Your mother went to collage. Hahahahahahaha!!! Douche bag!

  • Anonymous

    Washington has a Superbowl ring or two?

  • Vin

    i may not be the eloquent scribe you are, but “grammatical” would have been a better word choice than “grammar” above. besides, i thought this was an entry about m knox…

  • Howard

    Two Superbowl rings says a guy was on two very good football teams but don’t make a guy a good announcer and the word “grammar” works just fine. I was hoping for a more intelligence here. Howard has left the building. Seeya!!!

  • Howard

    I meant “for more intelligence” not “for a more intelligence” before you jump all over it. Howard has left the building for good.