Prince hurt…but for how long?

Kevin Prince was shaken up after a sack midway through the third quarter, but after sitting on the field for a few minutes, walked off the field with no help.
Kevin Craft entered the game to scattered boos, and handed off to Derrick Coleman for a short gain.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous that fans would boo Craft, a hardworking college kid, who’s nothing but a good teammate. There are too many hateful, unkind people out there. His failings last season are well documented, but he was 3rd string, thrown to the wolves, and handled himself with class throughout adversity. He never blamed anyone and kept fighting. What else can you ask for??? This isn’t the pros. He isn’t getting paid a salary. He didn’t punch anyone. He didn’t crash a car Drunk and leave the scene. He didn’t get arrested. He didn’t fail a class. He didn’t sexually assault anyone. Others do far worse and are never booed, but are given second chances. Yet people feel the need to boo Craft. Absolutely disgusting. That was THE LOW POINT of yesterday’s game.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. The boos came mostly from the shady side. It was an embarassment.

  • Johnny Angel

    It was classless behavior by some fans and very disappointing.