Kevin Prince On:

On escaping the media for a long shower:
“You recognize that there are a lot of people in the stands and you’re on TV, but you go out and play FB. When everyone’s away and you’re alone, I like to go back to being a normal guy. But you have to relish it.”

On his performance:
“I’m really happy with the way I came out. I started throwing the ball early and got some completions under my belt, and I think it helped a lot during the game. Second half, I just made some poor throws, poor decisions. I’ll watch the tape and learn from it, just grow from it. This is my first college start, and I think I’ll get a lot of good out of it.”

On the 25-yard pass to Taylor Embree on the team’s first possession:
“It was a relief – third-down conversions are huge for an offense, to be able to convert was a big boost of confidence. When we got going on the drive, you do it all the time, but there’s always that seed of doubt because we’re not going full speed. When you do it against another team, you’re confidence gets built.”

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