On Instinct with Malcolm Jones

Just as much as he uses his instincts on the football field, Oaks Christian senior running back Malcolm Jones is using his instincts off the field.
After recently narrowing his college choice to UCLA and Stanford, Jones told me today that both schools are putting on a pretty good push toward the end.
“These were two of the first schools to recruit me,” Jones said. “Both of the schools have been emailing me more and calling me, and I’m really close to making my decision. I have one more trip to each school, and I should have my decision end of September maybe.”
If the decision has weighed on him, it certainly did not show on Friday night, in the Lion’s 28-17 win over Alemany.
Jones had 275 yards on 37 carries, scoring three times.
The instincts paid off.
He hopes they will again.
“It’s really up to me; I need to pick my good instinct,” Jones said. “What’s really important to me is first, the academics of the school, but also the coaching staff.”
Jones was scheduled to attend UCLA’s season opener with San Diego State on Saturday, but could not. He watched the game at home. He watched Derrick Coleman break runs of 31 and 29 yards. He watched Johnathan Franklin break a 12-yard touchdown run.
He watches, and it was tough.
“A little bit, when you see a school you’re watching, and the position play really well, you get a little worried,” Jones said. “But it just makes me want to go out and prove how good I am.”
How good is still up for debate.
Jones is rated the No. 6 running back by Scout.com as one of six major D-1 recruits from Oaks Christian. Recruiters haunt the school all the time, preying on the stars, praying they land one.
But, Jones said, he pays little attention.
It is UCLA and it is Stanford and the list ends there.
If heavily recruited running back Anthony Barr of Loyola commits as well, so be it.
“It’s pretty firm with just UCLA and Stanford,” Jones said. “Either school is going to get good recruits. (If Barr chooses UCLA) two better players going to UCLA, that’s how I look at it.”

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  • UteBruin

    My first comment: Enjoy your blog up here in Utah. It’s great to get up to date info on the Bruins any time I want. I miss seeing the action in person but reading your blog is next best thing. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • Bruingold82


    One of the great things I loved about Dohn was that he wasnt afraid to give his gut instinct on where a player will sign. I still remember how he said Hasiak would end up at UCLA even after he committed to Cal. What is your instinct on Malcolm? You’d have to think the way he mentioned education Stanford would have a slight edge. Also, he mentioned being worried seeing our RBs have a good game.

    UCLA is closer to home for him, and it seems like a great fit. Whats your feel?

  • spedjones

    Dohn had years to establish his “sources” and that’s what he based his predictions on. Give Jon some time here…

  • Bruin1970

    Education at Stanford have a slight edge? Comm’on Bruingold82! UCLA is superior to Stanford in many academic departmeents and programs. It all depends on what academic field Barr wants to pursue. And don’t forget that the UCLA medical program and hospital is ranked only behind The Johns Hopkins nationally among academic institutions. Never concede anything to The Farm. Come get a superior education at UCLA Mr. Jones and Mr. Barr.

  • Fan4Life

    Jon, maybe have a weekly feature entitled “Gold’s Guts?”

    Btw, could your guts work on this after Jones?

    Thx xoxo

    Anthony Barr
    Brandon Willis
    Chris Ward
    Christian Thomas
    Cullen Christian
    Dietrich Riley
    Ego Ferguson
    George Uko
    Hayes Pullard
    John Young
    Jordon James
    Josh Shirley
    Kenny Stills
    Marquis Flowers
    Paul Richardson
    Ricky Heimuli
    Ronald Powell
    Sean Parker
    Seantrel Henderson
    Shane Pennix
    Shaquille Richardson
    Wade Yandall

  • lavsmousse

    FWIW-Chris Forcier is not the starting QB at Furman. He was beaten out by a returning senior. So he’s riding the bench there like he would have here. Hope hes getting the same quality of education he would have received here.

  • Anonymous

    would love to get Jones, but am most concerned about the guys in the trenches and getting some recruiting momentum there. We will get a great running back this class, and are stacked, but want to get some good lineman this class most of all. We must recruit the lines each and every year to be a great program.

  • 909Bruin

    we said the same thing about DB in last years class, people were saying that we dont need anymore DB’s…. now Hester is hurt and who’s going to replace him???

  • RickBruin

    Barr and Jones… wouldn’t it be great to have a high powered offense again

    Bruin1970, you’re correct it depends on the field Jones is interested in. Overall Stanford is in the top 10, UCLA in the top 25 and the number two public university after Cal (and all three are way ahead of the ketchup and mustard )