Three for Three with Kyle Bosworth

On his punishing hit of SDSU’s Brandon Sullivan:
“I told Reggie Carter and a couple guys, ‘I’m back!’ It feels so good, words can’t even describe it. When you make hits like that, it never hurts. When I saw him, I just went for it. It felt real good.”

On the 14-3 deficit to start the game:
“We had everyone’s adrenaline pumping and everyone’s nerves were kind of pumping, and they had a couple of good drives on us. But once all that happened, and it was all of a sudden 14-3, we all came up as a defense and said, ‘Calm down, you know what to do.’ After that second touchdown, five three-and-outs, and things started clicking.”

On the UCLA defense not panicking:
“We’ve got vocal leaders and we’ve got show leaders. We have a lot of veterans. We kind of looked at each other and knew within ourselves that we need to step up our game, not let those little BS things keep happening to us. But for some of the younger guys, it does help to have guys come together and verbalize it. Even if they were saying things we already knew.”

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