Rahim Moore press conference

On playing a hungry-for-revenge Tennessee team:
“We beat them last year, but that doesn’t mean anything. They have the pain of regret. I think they feel like we’re in the ‘whack’ conference. They think we’re soft. I just feel like you can’t label nobody as soft until you play them.”

On finding flaws despite a school record-tying three interceptions:
“I realized some things we need to get better at as a team. I see a big improvement in Tennessee. Our hands are going to be full. I’m going to be true, I had a lot of mistakes. I realize I need to be patient. I went and wrote down all the mistakes I made.”

On staying humble despite national honors:
“One thing about me, throughout my lifetime, my coach Carver told me this, ‘The things you do, thats the past.’ I know what I did. I looked at my mistakes, not what I did right. I’m a humble guy, growing up in a Chrisitan home, I stayed humble. Now I have to bounce back and see what I can do to improve. I feel like I could have done better. I’m a big critiquer of my own game. I’m my biggest critic.”

On his mother’s influence on his life:
“I told my mom, ‘Momma, those (interceptions) are for you. Mom, I know you’ve been crying and going through a lot.’ I said, ‘Mom, I’m going to dry those tears for you.’ She’s the reason I do what I do. She’s my motivational speaker. I love her with the love of my heart and I’m going to do it every week for her.”

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  • UCLA3

    Jon any information from some more recruits who were at the game on saturday

  • BruinGal

    Rahim rocks!

  • pr

    UCLA3 – the other paper has the list in the fabulous forum blog

  • BruinLoser98

    Get ready to hear rocky top all night bruin losers! Hahahahahahahahaha! 

  • Larry

    “I think they feel like were the WAC conference. They think we’re soft. I just feel like you can’t label nobody as soft until you play them.”

    Unless they are from the WAC… right? Nice one Moore. Contradicted your own comment within the same statement.

  • Anonymous

    rahim moore is now one of my favorite players, for his personality

  • Larry

    I agree “Anonymous”. Every team needs a guy like this. The color commentary is fantastic.

    That being said, I see JG changed the quote to now read “Whack” conference instead of “WAC” conference. Not sure this really makes much difference ;o).