Carnell Lake on Courtney Viney

On Courtney Viney:
“If I could have all my guys with Courtney’s heart, I’d love it. The guy is a competitor, and that’s what you want to see. I’ve been working on him since I got here. I tell my guys all the time that you make each play as if you’re playing in the game. First team, second team, whatever you are. When you’re out there, you treat it like a game. You make the play or you bust your but to make it. Courtney, all camp, has been done a great job. No loafs.”

On Viney’s size:
“He’s probably the smallest defender on our defense but he’s courageous. He’ll run up in there and make a strong tackle on anybody. He’ll cover the best of the receivers. He knows what he’s supposed to do.”

On watching Viney’s films from last year:
“I pulled up all his games from last year, watched the areas I thought he could improve, and we talked about that. ‘Here’s your positives and here’s where I think you need work.'”

On Viney’s strengths:
“Courtney is obviously very quick, he’s light on his feet, he can dart in and out. That creates a lot of problems, especially with big receivers. Courtney can turn on a dime, and if he gets himself in good position, and he does what he’s trained to do, that can create a lot of problems.”

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