• ostrich

    Both can come off as cocky, tacky, crass and/or rude to everyone outside their own program and fans – who all turn a blind eye but the coaches do what they have to do to get attention.

    I have no problem with breaking social etiquette to do so.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    The subplot is going to be Norm v. Lane. It’s not just the Babble Bowl, but the Mentor v. the Protege. If the reports were true, Lane had something to do with Norm leaving SUC (sic). If that bab blood exists, I am sure Norm wants to give it Lane on Saturday – on the field, that is!

  • TruBruin

    A big difference between the two is the fact that UCLA’s PR department was responsible for the ridiculous ads that Neu had nothing to do with and had a problem with when he got wind of it. Lane Kiffin himself is responsible for running his mouth and pissing off his conference foes

  • so west Coast

    lane kiffin is straight up sketchy

  • bbruin

    TRU Bruin-

    So right you are. Too bad there is no where to blog below on that article to clue in that ignorant east coaster.