• AJTovar

    I think they made the right decision not to redshirt Brehaut. If he’s the best backup we have then we may need him and if God forbid he is injured later in his career then he always has the RS. It’s best for him and for the team. I don’t see what the question is.

  • kenika

    IMHO, the person who benefits the most from this situation is QB commit Brett Nottingham. I wonder if that weighed in on their decision.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Agreed, AJT. It is not wise to redshirt such a telented QB when he is ready to play. Unlike other positions, QBs can get rusty and out of ‘game speed’ quite quickly. (Ben Olson ring a bell?) If he is ready, then he competes with Prince. If he is better, he wins the starting position, plain and simple. If he is not, no great loss that he is a very good #2 behind Prince. As for Prince, he has to work his butt of EVERY practice and EVERY game, because Brehaut will be breathing down his neck.

    Further, it is as APPARENT as the Sicilian nose on my face, that the coaching staff beleive Brehaut is BETTER. Don’t be surprised if at some point he doesn’t win the starting spot. Maybe not this year, but next Spring — mark my words! They want to get him as many reps in the GAMES as they can this year. If Prince goes down, he goes in. If Prince MELTS down, he goes in. Then, in the Spring, lo and behold, Brehaut emerges as the #1 with Prince as #2 (and he may transfer out!)

    Not that I don’t like Prince. I think he is the best we’ve had in a while, but if Brehaut is that much better, so be it! The BEST players play! Gee, what a UNIQUE philisophy!

  • glawson07

    Absolutely, this kid should play!!!! Redshirt for what? The irony here is that the crowd actually booed when Craft came in for a play during the SDSU game, but many of those same people want Brehaut to redshirt. Hilarious! We know that Craft is NOT an option; therefore, we need to give reps to Brehaut. What would happen if Brehaut is better or Prince got hurt, we would play Craft instead? Crazy. Guys need to compete. You come to school and complete. If Brehaut doesn’t redshirt, you have ongoing competition and the best man should, I say should, be seeing the field. Whether Brehaut ever starts is not the issue. It’s that UCLA is a better team for not redshirting him. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you play to win the game!!!I was so proud of the coaching staff for a) picking a qb early in the process and sticking with him, b) not wasting redshirts on many guys that can provide quality depth (which if anyone hasn’t noticed, is imperative) and c) getting guys good minutes during the game. It was awesome to see UCLA comfortably ahead of an opponent and give guys minutes. We never did this in the Dorrell era (I know he played some freshman, but I mean giving a ton of youth a ton of reps). Throughout the entire game we witnessed Pressley, Carroll and Hasiak get quality minutes in the rotation. We got to see four running backs each get some time by getting an entire series, as opposed to a rep here or there throughout the season. Again, this helps develop depth and increases the talent level that hits the field for us week in and week out. No redshirt, GO BRUINS!!!

  • MoeBruins

    It is sad that anyone would boo Craft. There is no doubt that Craft took one for the team last year and deserves all the credit in the world. With last years line there Craft was the sacrificial lamb and he played the role with the utmost of courage.

  • Bruin_Bry

    Great poll. If I’m not mistaken that’s the most votes on a poll, since I started reading this blog 2 years ago. I could be wrong since the Dorrell poll probably pulled in quite a few votes as well.

  • Steve

    Anyone think Brehaut might end up the starting QB by the end of the season? Prince looked good, but not outstanding. The line was better, but not great. But this is a SD State team, coming off a 2-10 season, that we usually smack.


  • Pyperkub

    When he went in, I was shocked, especially after Craft took the emergency snap. I think I would have liked to see if Craft had grown after a year of reflection and tutelage under the staff. It may make a difference, but ultimately, I trust the staff on this decision – if they felt it was best, then it probably is.