From the Other Side: Pt. 2

Here are the thoughts of Tennessee junior linebacker Nick Reveiz, who had six tackles in Week 1:

On preparing for UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow:
“This week has been tough. We’ve been trying to look at a lot of what Norm Chow does. He does a lot of things where they shift.”

On the UCLA offense:
“They have a new tailback and a new quarterback, and I think they bring a lot more threats. (Kevin Prince) moves really well and throws a really pretty ball. We just have to be on top of it this week.”

On the “revenge” factor Tennessee feels:
“Every player is different. We have addressed it as a team. I don’t want to think about last year at all. I don’t like looking into the past.

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    First off — Good job, Jon. Keep up the good work!

    Now, as to the ‘revenge’ factor, it is what it is. They came out to the RB last year EXPECTING to beat the Bruins. As badly as UCLA played, TN had to go back to Knoxville with its tail between its legs. So, from the TN players’ perspective, it is more about erasing what they consider to be an embarassing loss last year. You can tell by some of the quotes. They beleive they gave the game away. But, I hate that cliche. If you lose, it is because you did not perform better than the other team. Whether that is because they WERE better, or because you fell asleep, is irrelevant. Either way, it is an “L.”

    Go Bruins! Vanquish the Vols!

    – UB

  • AJTovar

    Hey John. As you already know, great job with the blog. Last season during game week, Brian would link the local rags for the upcoming opponent so we could read what the other side was saying. Just a thought if you can get around to it.

    Thanks again. Your effort is apparent.