Hello all,

So I landed safely in Tennessee, even though lightning hit the plane and freaked me the hell out.

It’s a little late in California, so I think I’ll hold off until the morning with a steady dose of UCLA/Tennessee. Throwback Thursday fell through, but I will try to get it for tomorrow. I have a pretty good one lined up. Future Friday should be a hit, too.

At least seven UCLA fans on my flight, so that’s at least .007 percent of the expected 100,000-plus at Neyland Stadium.

Also, check out the InsideUCLA twitter, too at DNJGInsideUCLA.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the good stuff…


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  • Anonymous

    More like it’s kind of late for you. Bruin fans are 24/7.

  • Rob

    j-Gold you left us jonesing for some news all day. Look forward to tomorrow EST šŸ˜€

  • Dex

    We’re up Jon…post away!

  • bruindodger


    You have done a good job keeping us informed about the program since you first came on. We were starving for UCLA news big time and know that your reporting made us zealous of what could be with someone with your knowledge and enthusiasm. I hope the friday surprise next week is the Q/A because right now we get reporting and I thing I and the fellow bloggers want your insight and perspective on the team(s), not forgetting basketball of course, soccer, track,and maybe even volleyball. Your perspective and insight I think will continue the spoiling and following that we have been accustomed to. thanks and I look forward for more.

  • Anonymous

    Did the lightning strike give you that warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts?

  • bruinbiochem06

    Anon 10:23 is dead on. We need our bruin fix!

  • kenny

    Glad to hear you made it safe. Flying in an airplane during a storm freaks me the hell out.

  • g20bruin

    I think it’s safe to say that all of us bruins would like to see you post 24/7 haha! You got us so excited when you first started with the numerous number of posts all day and all night long. Keep it up!

  • gubon13

    Looks like they finally put your name in the header.

    Kubrick. Nice…

  • pr

    At least you didn’t wake up hungover with your head in Petros Papadakis’s lap as Brian Dohn once did on flight back from Oregon.

  • Trojan Deuce

    7 fans?? ha ha ha. That is probably all the Bruin Fans that will be at the game on Saturday. And they will be too afraid to wear their baby blue colors to the stadium. So expect to see nothing but orange on your tv screens. It is well known that Bruin fans don’t travel to support their teams, not even for Basketball. Shoot, y’all can’t even fill up the Rose Bowl for a home game. Peace out.


  • superman

    So did the lightning strike give you any super powers or anything?

  • superman

    like the ability to post updates consistently…

  • Anonymous

    Hey toejam douche,
    Take your sixth grade education that you got from $ucville, errrr south central tech and post on your own board.

  • bruins103


    I understand ravenous bruin fans are hungry for inside track info, but please dont fall into the pressure and post any inside info that would give the other team an unfair edge for knowing something about say a certain player’s latest condition or any bulletin material or strategies that could be used against the bruins that the coaching staff would not want the other team to know.

    in fact, i actually dont mind if you were to throw in some misleading info to throw off the enemies lurking on this page. i’d rather the bruins win than lose due to the wrong ppl having too much inside info.

    great job with this blog

  • bruin in tn

    Hey Trojan Deuce,
    I’ll be there proudly wearing by Bruin Colors so it won’t be all orange on Saturday. Price, Carter, and the rest of the gang will certainly make it a silent rocky top. UCLA will pull off this upset and another one against that Ronald McDonald team 11/28/09.