Wayne Moses on the “revenge” factor:
You talk about personnel and personalities and everything, and really, the guys who are going to decide it are between the lines. All the, ‘He said, they said’ – we need to get to be 2-0. Whoever that is in front of us, we need to be 2-0.”

Korey Bosworth on the similarities between last year and this year:
“It’s a totally new team. They have a home game, which is a completely new thing. It’s a whole different factor when you have to leave your home field. We really have to throw everything out the window. Wipe your hands clean, start fresh.”

Korey Bosworth on revenge:
“I’m sure they’ve got that in their minds. But we have that in our minds, too; that nobody thinks we can win. Even last year, nobody thought we could win. When we did, a lot of jaws dropped. But people still doubt us.”

Jeff Baca on pregame hype:
“We’re all buying into this. We have to get this program back to the top, where it belongs. Hopefully, this is our season right here. This is our hype, bringing UCLA back up to the top.”

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  • Anonymous

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