Neuheisel On:

On Kevin Prince:
“I think he’s a mature young man. I think he proved that he can handle nerves. I’m looking forward to watching him in this kind of environment. Sometimes when you think how big it’s going to be and all that stuff, you get there and if feels just like football.”

On his relationship with former USC coaches Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron
“I think we know each other, but I haven’t played each other a whole bunch. I’ve only been in two games with those two guys, and we split them when I was at Washington. That was a long time ago. Our football philosophies have changed I’m sure since that time.”

On the “revenge” factor for Tennessee:
“I don’t know if (revenge) makes much difference after a couple snaps. You’re going to get ready to play a game, and you’ve got to have emotion to play the game well. If that helps with emotion, then, yeah, it’s a factor. But we’ve got to have a lot of emotion to play, too. We can’t afford to ever play without it.”

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