Throwback Thursday: Cory Paus

Cory Paus remembers his first road game like it was yesterday.
And he has some words of advice for Kevin Prince, who’s first road game is tomorrow.
“All I would tell him is stick to what you know,” said Paus, who started seven games as a redshirt freshman and split time in two others. “Pay attention. Focus. Believe it. Listen to your coaches.”
And it’s not like Paus’ first road game was at Utah State.
In Week 2 of 1999, the Bruins travelled to Ohio State. Or more appropriately, most of the Bruins travelled to the Horseshoe. UCLA had nine starters and four backups out of the game because of either injury or suspension.
But Paus played, and he wishes he still was.
“It was a feeling that you constantly try to replicate,” Paus said. “I may never be able to. Any situation after football doesn’t compare to having a 100,000 people watching. A hundred thousand people aren’t showing up to watch me close a deal. That’s the biggest thing I miss. There’s no way to compare to that.”
Paus said he listened to Prince on the radio this week talk about the big game, and while he has not sat down and spoken with the young quarterback – they’ve exchanged pleasantries but no more than a quick hello – he believes Prince is ready for the game.
Or, rather, as ready as he will be.
“I listened to Prince on the radio this week – and Matt Barkley as well – and I agree with them; you can’t prepare for this,” said Paus, who now works in insurance. “There’s no way to pipe in enough music, no way to make it even closely resemble what it’s like to be on that field with people screaming and wanting to kill you. Hopefully, the preparation is there so people know what to do things with their eyes closed.
If the prep is there, it doesn’t matter how loud it is.”

  • Rico Bruin

    Great stuff Jon!
    I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect with the throwback format. You tied it in with the game very well.

    Any injury updates? Line up changes?

    What are your feeling’s about the game?


  • Mike H class of 90

    I like the throwback idea…nice to revisit some old memories.

  • SBBruin

    Cool segment. i like it.

  • Bruinista

    This is a total nit-pick, but could you use line breaks between paragraphs? The longer posts can be very hard to read.

    That said, the content is fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to update us on what the former players are doing now as a career? I had heard that Cory was a financial adviser and I wondered if it was true.