Chuck Bullough on:

On Rahim Moore:
“He’s making plays. We always talk about in our meetings, ‘When the play is presented to you, make it.’ He’s making them. He’s not dropping them, he’s making them. Some people were saying last week, ‘Oh, they were throwing right to him.’ Yeah, but he’s making the play. It’s hard; you have all those fans, all that pressure. But he makes the play.”

On the emotional win:
“This game was emotional because we’re coming to play in front of a hostile crowd, and our team wants to win. Badly. They want to win. Every game is so important to them. To play a team like Tennessee that is very talented, and to come away in their home stadium and get a victory, it was big for them.”

On where the team goes from here:
“One game at a time is what I’m going to preach to them. One. Game. At. A. Time. It’s only one game at a time. San Diego State, great. Tennessee, great. Now you’ve got Kansas State. That’s the coach in me, you’ve got to make sure.”

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  • Mascogo

    Is Chuck Bullough the son of Hank Bullough who played for Green Bay and coached at Michigan State University during its heyday?

  • Anonymous