Four for Four with Reggie Carter

On the emotions of the win:
“Everyone’s screaming at us, I’m walking off the field, I’m shaking hands, and I’m walking toward the tunnel, and I said, ‘damn, I think I’m about to start crying.’ Sure enough, tears start coming. Damn, I can’t help it. I’m always emotional, I was crying before the game. Afterwards … when so many people say you can’t do it, and it’s like 100,000 versus probably 100, you just get emotional. This was such a good victory, a hard-fought victory; we fought all the way to the end.”

On crying:
“Don’t think these are tears of sorrow or sadness. We’re definitely excited. We’re going to have a good time on our way home.”

On the final drive:
“They were driving a little bit on us, and they made some adjustments, found some cut-back gaps, and I just told everybody, ‘It’s time to play with your heart; grab your heart, and remember what you’re here for. Play hard, there’s about three minutes left in this game and we can win it for our team. Let’s do it.'”

On the goal-line stop:
“The goal line, that fourth down play, I don’t know who made that tackle. I know the tackle tried to block down on me, I pushed him down, and I couldn’t get my body back into position. I just threw my whole face at him, my whole head at him. I think he kicked me in the back of the head, but I know I stopped him enough for people around me to make that play.”

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