Future…Sunday? Chris Ward, Mater Dei OL

So this Future Friday idea is good in theory, but it requires both diligence on my part and phone calls back on a recruit or coach’s part. Well, Mater Dei coach Bruce Rollinson delivered today.

Here is Chris Ward, the Monarchs’ behemoth offensive lineman, rated by Scout.com the No. 5 offensive guard in the class of 2010…

Ward Profile

After the jump, Chris talks about narrowing his college choices down to two and what it will take to make it one.

Have you narrowed it down at all?
“It’s down to UCLA and Cal right now. UCLA is really close to home and the players and coaches, I got to hang out with them, and they’re very similar to the people up at Cal. Cal’s a different area, something I would have to look into a little more. UCLA is a little more like where I live. It’s pretty much 50/50 right now.”

Is either staff calling more or putting on the pressure?
“No, I’ve felt I’ve gotten a lot of attention from both coaching staffs for the whole year. I know that both schools want me, and every once in a while I’ll get an email. I’m just fine with that.”

Is the ability to play early for an up-and-coming program a factor? Did you see the UCLA-Tennessee game last night?
“That would be pretty cool. It’s definitely a plus, and it’d very cool to get that program on the map. They’ve had a big improvement just in one year. That was definitely a good win to see, and kind of cool to see how well the young guys played in their first road game in a big stadium.”

Does a big recruiting class matter to you? Are you watching where guys like Malcolm Jones, Anthony Barr, Lucky Radley end up?
“Whichcever school I end up choosing, I’d be happy to see other guys picking the school with me. But it doesn’t play a major factor. If all of us talk and say, ‘Let’s all go to one school,’ that’d be pretty cool.”

How has the recruiting process gone?
“It hasnt been too overwhelming. Definitely from growing up not knowing really about football – I grew up playing basketball, and my mom said it’d be cool to play football freshman year. I said, ‘OK, it’ll get me in shape for basketball. I ended up being OK at football.”

What can either team do to win your services at this point?
“I just need to talk it over with my head coach a little more and my family. They don’t really persuade me from one side to another. I’ve visited both schools at least four times each. Ive seen all I can see in both schools.”

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  • Good catch, Fan4L,

    Thanks for the heads up. Corrected.


  • Fan4Life


    You sure you talked to the right guy? It’s RollinSON.

  • 13-9

    Future Friday sounds great to me.

    Kirifi Taula from Servite HS should be next. We need quality DTs badly.

  • Fan4Life

    Speaking of Rollinson, kudos to Andrew Abbott. He was in there quite a bit yesterday. Unheralded, without a scholarship, he did his former HS coach and Coach Walker proud.

  • E


    Can you please talk to Coach Moses nd find out about Milton Knox and why after having that great series he never went back in? You even assumed he get more action after that series in one of your posts yesturday. I though he also blocked well. Ask him if he’ll see more playing time?

    I think he needs to be #2 in the depth chart because he offers the strengh of Coleman but speed of a faster back.

    Also what happens when Christian comes back he needs to be #4 and work his way up. I think Franklin and Knox deserve his carries.

  • I think in the craziness of a game, it can be difficult to decide when, where and how to deploy a player. Knox offers something that Franklin and Coleman don’t – he’s very small but very strong, offering a small window of opportunity for tackling. I think he will gradually get more time as the season goes on.

  • Andrew

    Props JG, I asked you specifically about this, and you delivered, much appreciated.

  • Bruins095

    Introduce Chris to Hasiak. Let’s take two from Tedford.

  • E

    Thanks Jon. Keep up the great work.

    What is your email so we can email you a question or a post suggestion then you can decide wether or not to post it?


  • BruinChick

    I hope he considers the awful weather and annoying Cal ppl in his decision.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Someone should tell Chris that Kal wanted to take Bob Palcic from us… I’m sure he know… Come to UCLA Ward!

    Go Bruins!!!

  • CalGirl

    hiii teddies!
    chirs won’t go to ucla because he prefers honest and natural people =) =) =) and he’s too smart to waste his time in weirdwood. i’m coming down with my Bears to put the universe in order on my b-day!!! first we’ll squish the trOJies and then your silly little kicking team will fall!!! what a sweet b-day present for ME!!!
    GO BEARS =) =) =)

  • BruinChick

    See what I mean.

  • CalGirl

    hiii BC!!!
    that’s mean =( it thought we were friends???

  • brewin bruin

    My kids go to MD and Ward really likes UCLA. It is particularly nice to see UCLA recruit at MD… finally. Carroll is always there. RN needs to be there as well. It is such a SUC school. Rollo went to SC. I am particularly happy for Andrew Abbott. He got burned at the SDSU game on the one TD, but came back strong. Good kid too.