Prince fractures jaw, out 3-4 weeks

Hi all,

I just checked my voicemail, where I heard these exact words:

Check your email.
Prince has a fractured jaw, and is out 3-4 weeks.

Here’s what the email said…


UCLA redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Prince has a fractured jaw and will be out three to four weeks, head coach Rick Neuheisel announced today.

Prince was injured late in the 19-15 win at Tennessee when he was hit on a third-down play in the Bruins’ end zone. He returned only to kneel on the final two snaps of the win.

He was examined in the locker room after the game and returned to Los Angeles with the team. He had x-rays this morning that confirmed the fracture on the right side of his jaw. His jaw will be wired shut to assist with the healing process.

“This is a tough blow for Kevin and for our football team,” said Neuheisel. “We hope Kevin recovers quickly but we have other talented quarterbacks in our program. We have confidence in all of our quarterbacks and we will get them ready to lead us against Kansas State this Saturday.”

  • bruindodger

    Dang…this sucks. Hang in there kid. You are a warrior and we will hold the fort down for you. Let’s give Richard Brehaut his chance. they burnt the redshirt, so give him his chance.

  • bruins_united

    oh man.. this is gonna be tough. however, im not THAT worried as our O-Line has been much improved. sticking either brehaut or… craft in there could be okay…

    go bruins!

  • Johnny Angel

    Tough news for Prince and I hope he heals quickly but the Bruins have a decent o-line this year so its going to be alright.

    The home cooking at Tennessee was out of control in the fourth quarter. The hit that broke Prince’s jaw should have been a penalty.


    I was a little worried about how long Prince would last. He was taking a beating at the game. Does anybody know if you can eat(drink) enough to maintain weight and strenght or can we expect a slimmer weaker QB when he returns?

    Crap! Another starting QB lost early in the season…

  • Ri-L

    Ok – can anyone explain to me why Prince was even trying to run that out of the end zone? Taking the safety was the right move – a touchdown beats us either way, a field goal isn’t enough either way. A safety moves our punter out from the 1, and we don’t have to worry about a bad snap. So – why was he even taking that hit? And why did Neuheisel challenge? Finally, why is it that no one has asked this question yet? I’ve been looking all over and can’t find anyone who has asked UCLA why they did this….

  • doug4ucla

    The hit Prince took WAS late as I saw 3 others during the game also that never got called, but the damage is done no matter if it was called. As for the roll out that failed, should of had more than one receiver. Now for the challenge what the “hell” Rick did it RIGHT. We had a time out so use and get everybody on the same page coming up, if you do not get the call move on….

  • Anonymous

    because it was third down, and if it wasnt a safety UCLA could have burned more time off the clock. Was this the first football game you ever watched?

  • doug4ucla

    I never said it was a good idea????? “More receivers would of helped” is what I said…..IF IT WAS ME I WOULD OF QB SNEAK, THEN ON 4TH DOWN RUN AROUND THE END ZONE AS LONG AS POSSABLE THEN TAKE THE SAFTEY……”OH” I HAVE BEEN COACHING FOR 34 YEARS

  • Reformed Droog

    Had my jaw wired once. Drank nothing but slimfast and milkshakes for a month. But that was over 20 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Also the challenge allowed our defense more time to rest. They were dead tired on the previous series. Ri-L the reason no one asked is because they are stupid questions.

  • BruinFaithful


    How many seasons in a row can we lose our starting QB? I guess we won’t be the only school in town now starting a true Freshman.

    Where are the detractors who complained about Brehaut losing his Redshirt last week?

    Here’s hoping Brehaut can step up and Prince can have a speedy recovery. I wonder if Prince can come back sooner with one of those masks that will protect his jaw, similar to the ones they use in BB.

  • BruinFaithful


    Ummmm, Prince was trying to run it out of the end zone because all of his receivers were covered and he had to get the ball out of the end zone to take the Safety on 4th down instead of 3rd. Basically achieving the same result as on 3rd down but running more time off the clock. I personally thought he was down inches in front of the goal line, but I guess I’m not an SEC Ref.

  • BruinFaithful

    Thank GOD we have a bye week on 9/26. So, this means Kevin will miss Kansas State and Stanford on the road on 10/03. Hoepfully he can return ready for Oregon at the Rose Bowl on 10/10.

  • Ri-L

    I was watching on ESPN360 in a conference – so I missed that it was 3rd down, not fourth.. So, when I asked the question, it was a legit one. Anon 5:27, Anon 7:13, you are effing tools. BruinFaithful, a totally legit answer that I appreciate. I hope you anon posters feel bigger now, cause you must be really small. Next time, put your name to your snarky comments.

  • Anthem Bruin

    Jon- Do you have any video of this hit that Prince took? You are doing a fantastic job with your coverage, Dohn X 10.

  • Watty

    Ri-L – those are not dumb questions, even Chris Dufresne was on with Dan Patrick this morning saying he was screaming at the TV watching the game wondering why UCLA didn’t just take the safety. All the factors were lost on him too, it seems…

    One first down wins the game, and Chow went for it with that bootleg/rollout. Obviously, the orders were clear: if Paulsen is wide open, hit him, game over. If not, just get the ball out of the end zone so clock runs. DO NOT throw it away (stopping the clock), and DO NOT turn it over. Worst case scenario, dance around the end zone as long as possible on 4th down and then take the safety.

    That possession was extremely hectic and confusing, but seems the coaches knew exactly what they were doing.

  • Anonymous


    ill say it slow, so you can pay attention and understand.

    Chris Dufresne did say to take the safety, but he said to take it on 4th down, not on third. Which is why it was a stupid question. We all agree the safety was a good move, but this was THIRD DOWN, not FOURTH DOWN.

    you got it?

  • Ri-L

    Hey Toolbag (a tool and a d-bag) Anon:

    Keep on spouting off like an idiot – it’s just way too easy to prove you wrong. Here’s Dufresne’s quote from the paper – look it up if you can:

    “And why UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel, with a six-point lead late against Tennessee, facing third and nine from his own two, did not take an intentional safety and then free kick from the 20. Instead, UCLA rolled quarterback Kevin Prince right in the end zone looking to pass, and he got his jaw broken on a play that ended up being . . . a safety.”

    Sounds to me like he’s advocating taking a safety on third down, not fourth. You’ve got his quote entirely wrong. Now, do I agree with him? No, not really – but when the play was broken up, Prince should have just sat down and not put the season in danger. He is a competitor, so I understand why he did what he did.

    Before you get all high and mighty, make sure you’ve got a leg to stand on, stumpy. You got it?