Quick Pic Six Pt. 2

A frustrated Rick Neuheisel after being rebuffed by the refs


Lost in a sea of orange


OK, that was a puddle of orange; this is a sea


The UCLA defense huddles before Tennessee’s last drive


Prince being attended to after being injured in the fourth quarter


The Bruins begin to celebrate their win

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  • Cali

    By the way were those Pac 10 refs? lol. They sure did a wonderful job trying to take our victory away.

  • Hugh Downs

    Amazing Pics. But, please have the Daily News invest in a new camera with higher resolution. Try Costco or Best Buy for some cheap deals.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/fantasy Jon Gold

    Hey H_D,

    Um, that was my iPhone camera. All I got. Sorry.


  • Hugh Downs

    Jon, no worries. You are doing a wonderful job. They are amazing pics. You have a vantage point that very few have. Love the pic where they are working on Prince. You must have been right behind the bench. Just wishing you had a better camera as the pics are great. That’s all.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. Enjoy the blog and your work.