• bruindodger

    I say Richard. The redshirt was used up, so give him a go and see what he can do. Sure he would be fine.

  • Johnny Angel

    Start Brehaut. He’s the best qb.

  • RobM

    Guess this is why they didn’t redshirt Brehaut… He had two nice completions Week 1 vs SDSU and the way everyone talked him up since Spring Practice made it sound like he was going to be the starter next year anyway…

    Too bad for Craft… I think he’s a better player than most people give him credit for. I’m sure if they name KC the starter for next week we’ll still be in decent hands, but we’re better served in the long run to go with the “brand-name” Brehaut.

  • Pyperkub

    The answer is: whoever the staff thinks gives us the best chance to win. If that’s Craft, hopefully the improved offensive line and another offseason working with the staff will lead to better results. However, with a home game, followed by a bye, there probably isn’t any better time to get Brehaut going.

  • Anonymous

    Pyper is correct. The coaching staff knows which QB gives the Bruins the best chance to win and that’s who they will pick…

  • Anonymous

    of course Pyper is correct, but that wasnt the point of this poll. The point was for Jon to see who we think should start. The coaches are not going to decide based on this poll, i think we all know that, but thanks for pointing out the obvious Pyper.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Jagbag comment Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Jon didn’t want to see who could write the most obnoxious comment.

    Lose the ‘tude, bro…

  • Fan4Life

    Who gets the #2 snaps? Crissman or Craft? That will be interesting.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Unfortunate injury, but the timing was perfect. Let Brehaut get some experience against Kansas St, fine tune his skills on the bye week, and be ready for Stanford. We’ll be ok I hope…

    Go Bruins!!!

  • RickBruin

    Craft does not seem to listen to RN and NC, they need to start Brehaut

  • Brehaut no doubt, anyone that’s seen him play before will agree with me that he has the same style of play as Tim Tebow, with the difference being Chow will not allow him to go head to head with LBs.

  • Anonymous

    I only had an attitude because a couple people were making smart (butt) comments about how it should be up to the coaches, basically telling jon what was the point of this poll.