Catching up with Cassius Marsh, Oaks Christian DT

How’s the recruiting game going?
“Good man, I just got my officials planned – Cal, LSU, Arizona State, Oklahoma. We’ll see at the end of October.”

What about UCLA and USC?
“They’re kind of in the mix, I just kinda – with UCLA, I’d like to see them play the pac-10 first.”

Does a win like UCLA’s over Tennessee make them more attractive?
“Not really. I mean, if I was considering a team that lost to a really good team, then it probably wouldn’t bother me. If Florida or LSU lost to Texas, it wouldn’t bother me. If they lose to small teams and have a bad season, it would affect my decision.”

What can coaches lower on your list do at this point?
“There’s nothing really they can do. After I take my officials, it’s basically it. That’s what I’m going to base my decision off mostly. Whenever I feel the decision is right, that I’m ready to make it – if I take two officials and I feel ready to commit, I’ll pick them.”

What is your ultimate goal?
“I feel like all the schools I’m considering will give me the opportunity to go to the NFL as long as I work hard and do well. The only thing I’m really considering about is if I go to a big-time program, I’ll be seen a lot more. The coaching at each school is really great. All the D-line coaches are really good coaches.”

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  • Martin

    Please do us all a favor and delete this guy from your phone book. He disrespected the program a few months back and there is no need to keep giving him press. At least on this blog.

  • Anonymous


    I love the quotes, and I know you are working hard, but please,the best part of Dohn’s work is where he would provide HIS opinion and analysis. Anyone can stick a microphone in someone’s face and get a couple quotes, but the quotes from all the players and coaches are biased/restrained. What’s your feeling on the team right now? Do they have too big a head? Are the coaches real worried about Brehaut? Has Brehaut looked capable in practice? Does it look like he has been better than Craft, or is the coaching staff giving it to Brehaut just to prepare for later on?

    Again, thanks for the quotes, but Dohn gave us so much more than just interesting quotes. He gave some perspective. I know you are new at this, but I’m begging for some INSIGHT into my Bruins!

  • Bruin_67

    I’m sure he’s a great kid, and I don’t pretend to be a scout, he might be turn out to be a hell of a player. With that said, I have never once heard him say a good thing about UCLA. I want guys who want to be Bruins, he doesn’t seem to have that mentality. Go be a Bear and date girls with hairy arm pits.

  • Anonymous

    Two things…

    1. This guy’s not interested in UCLA.

    2. He cares not about an education, only an NFL career. While he may be a great football player, he’d never be a great Bruin.

  • Anonymous

    Hairy arm pits?

  • mike chat

    feel like all the schools I’m considering will give me the opportunity to go to the NFL as long as I work hard and do well. The only thing I’m really considering about is if I go to a big-time program, I’ll be seen a lot more.

    Oh Please get over yourself. You wonder, what kind of parents does this kid have? I wonder if he is considering that he might get his knee blownout and might have to get a real job that will require a real education?

    I’ll be seen alot more? If you are a great DT, you will be seen alot at just about any school if you make great plays.

  • Anonymous

    Some of YOU people need to get over yourselves.

    “will give me the opportunity to go to the NFL as long as I work hard and do well”
    First, is this not true? All the schools he’s considering will give him an opportunity however, he puts the onus on himself to get to the NFL–as long as HE works hard, he’ll get there. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Second, he wants to go to a program that will get him exposure. That’s exactly one of the biggest things we sell kids on why they should come to UCLA, the exposure in the media capital of the country. Come on! This is one the biggest factors for recruiting in basketball. This is what Keating was able to sell Westbrook on and why he held off committing to a lesser program. This is a huge deal and Marsh is reiterating this. Schools from the South sell kids on this idea by saying that they are the only show in town. UCLA can’t do that since there are too many things going on in LA, but on the other hand it is LA, and that’s what helps with media exposure. You don’t really get that kind of media exposure on the west coast outside of USC and hopefully now UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Another thing mike chat, CRN is friends with Marsh’s mom. CRN doesn’t seem to have a problem, I’m not sure why you should?

  • Anonymous


    I greatly appreciate your work as a REPORTER. Please keep that up!

    I enjoyed Brian as much as the next guy, he was hardworking and developed some terrific sources. That can’t be dismissed.

    But what the anon doesn’t seem to understand is that Brian would provide insights on what the anon sources would say, not his opinion. That’s what got us all into this blog. Brian would provide some inside material from sources. It’s all about the sources, nothing else. Because when it came to his analysis and such, ummm…let’s just say I could do with out it.

    So please Jon, keep up the good work as a reporter, and when you are allowed, please fill us in on what you are hearing.


  • lavsmousse

    There are at least 5 other DT’s on UCLA’s list who I like better than Marsh. All the OC’s games I’ve seen him play in, he doesn’t overly impress me except for his size.

  • Jon’s Benevolent Older Brother

    Just thought I’d add my opinion. Jon is trying the best he can with the blog, column and UCLA beat, but obviously, the curve is very steep. Dohn set a very high bar, way higher than Scott Douche Wolf. Dohn had six years of cultivating relationships on and off the field and developing unique insights into the Bruins. To expect Jon to do the same job in a few weeks is unreasonable.

    Remember, Jon has only been on the job a few weeks. Give him a break, he’s trying the best he can while trying to learn what all the readers want. This blog is rebuilding, just like the Bruins, and it takes time.

    Jon’s Older Brother

  • Patrick Swayze’s Ghost

    As Dohn was fond of saying, “remember, these are 17 year old kids”.

  • Anonymous

    Also, by only wanting kids that want to be Bruins, that’s very Dorrellian. Please, that’s what got us into this talent-wanting mess in the first place. This is called RECRUITING…you make them want to BECOME Bruins. You keep selling the program until they turn around.

    If some of you dbags were recruiting coordinator, we would never have gotten the likes of MP, RC, XSF, SH in this year’s freshman class.

    And so what if he wants an NFL career. He knows what he wants. Look at all those kids taking Life Science 1-4 right now. How many of them want to be doctors. You think it’s because they have some sort of altruistic love for knowledge. They don’t care about an education, they want to be doctors so they can make bank in 10 years. Check out the engineers, and the computer science nerds. You think they “care” about an education. They do it because it will help them get their desired careers. Just like what Marsh is stating.

    Don’t be a bunch of sour pusses just because Marsh hasn’t publicly stated we lead. Because I guarantee you, if he had us publicly leading, not many of you would be singing this tune…

  • pr

    We will sort out this recruiting nonsense in February when signing day arrives. The UCLA coaching staff has proven that they know how to close (xman, carroll, hasiak and pressley come to mind).

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want this kid anyway. NFL?? Please, he’ll be lucky if he ever starts a game at the school he ends up committing to. Oaks Christian players are all overrated anyway. Marsh is on steroids too, and has peaked physically.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the haterade. Maybe he’s over-rated, maybe he’s not. But it seems that the coaches want him on their team. None of you guys are getting paid to evaluate and coach em up, so sit back down on your contour chair and go back to your jobs and leave it to the professionals to do theirs.

    And another thing, just keep throwing out those accusations why don’t you. Stay classy Bruin fans.

  • BruinFreak

    If he commits to Cal, then your opinion is mute.

    “I wonder if he is considering that he might get his knee blownout and might have to get a real job that will require a real education?”

  • Greg

    The kid is not even that good. He didn’t grade out nearly as well as other guys over the summer, such as Heimuli, Uko, Taula, Epenesa, Moore and others. He’s probably the 7th or 8th best guy on the West Coast.

  • Fan4Life

    I like Marsh. So he is a bit outspoken. He is right. UCLA has done a poor job of getting kids into the NFL. And even though many of us may not care for pro ball, these kids do. They want that NFL career and paycheck.

    We need kids with fire and attitude but UCLA has to prove it’s serious about big time football. Prove it on the field and off by committing to facilities, assistants, fan support, etc.

    The education these kids can receive at UCLA is valuable. But the alumni and fans don’t care to attend the graduation ceremonies of players. We want wins, bragging rigthts and national respect for the football team.

    Dorrell had good students and many kids on the honor roll. At the end of the day, that didn’t save his job and most was glad he was gone.