From the Other Side: Bill Snyder says

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder…

On running the single-wing formation:
“You can go back to my previous life, and we ran the same type of offense; we utilized our running backs in the same way. It’s just been part of our offense for a long period of time. I was a product of the single-wing. That was my upbringing in high school and college as well.”

On UCLA missing starting QB and the replacement:
“My understanding is that both of them are very, very capable. Both have some athletic ability as well as the capacity to throw the football. I don’t know how competitive it was for the starting spot; I don’t know that there’s a great deal of difference between the three of them. At this time, it has not created any alteration in our preparation.”

On what he learned from Kansas State’s loss:
I don’t know that we learned anything dramatically new. I was pleased to a certain degree that our youngsters did come back and closed the gap. I thought we played well defensively, even though we gave up the short drive at the end of the game. Our youngsters stayed competitive, and I thought the spirit was better. Mental toughness is something I was continually hoping we’d develop, and I think we got a little bit closer.

On the play of quarterback Carson Coffman:
“I don’t put a letter grade on him. Right now, it’s quite obvious that we need to have substantial improvement at that position. I think we have to make better decisions, throw the ball more accurately.”

On kicker Josh Cherry, who is 0-for-3:
“The youngster we have has really up until this point and time, kicked the ball well. We’ve put a great deal of time and effort into it. I think he’s going to be OK. He really cares, he’s very genuine, and he’s pained by it. I have great confidence in him.”

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  • doug4ucla

    Bill is a huge sandbagger….where I live now he is huge, but some think the game has passed him by….

  • Coach Thom

    He may be old-school, but he pulls programs into line. Let’s see where they are in 2 years’ time.

  • doug4ucla

    Do not disagree with you…..been to his clinics a couple of times and he get the most out of his players than anybody…..has great coaches around him, look at the ones that went on to other schools….I hope you are right, Ron Prince about destroyed the program….UCLA MY TEAM,should be OK this week. K-Sate has QB and special team issues that need to be worked out


    The team that makes the fewest mistakes will. Sounds simple and over used as a statement, however our mistakes made the SDSU and Tennessee games too close for comfort. Snyder’s team may be young but I don’t expect them to make the same mistakes.
    The Bruins have been playing better but if we keep givng teams hope by our mistakes In critical situations and kicking FG’s instead of scoring TD’s we’re ripe for an upset.

    Although I expect a win. Go Bruins!!