Media Monday with KLAC’s Wayne Cook

On the Tennessee win:
“I was very impressed with the character of the team, the way they handled all the adversity. Especially at the end of the game when it got crazy, I was proud of them for stepping up and making plays. Too often in recent history, UCLA has found a way to mess up.”

On the biggest road game of his playing career:
“I played at Nebraska in 1994, and that was probably the most intense atmosphere I’d gone to. That kind of thing where the whole town shuts down. And I’d been at Tennessee before, even though I didn’t start.”

On Kevin Prince’s progress:
“I think Coach Norm has done a great job with him. You can tell the talent; he’s got a good arm, he’s got a good head. But as the season progresses, they’re going to have to get better quarterback play to win games. This defense might be great, but Pac-10 teams can score. To give up 21 to Cal is a great effort, even 28. To win, they’ll need to find a way to get more points.”

On his optimism heading into the Tennessee game:
“What’s funny is that I actually truly believed that UCLA had a good shot against Tennessee. The experience on defense was important, not getting down early was important. This Tennessee team is better than last year, but not great. But UCLA has gotten so much more athletic and bigger over the last year.”

On his expectations changing:
“I said this could very well be an eight-win season. Who knows, they might lose one they shouldn’t. If (Brehaut) steps up and can do what I think he’s capable of, I don’t think they’ll drop off too much. ”

On the dropoff from Prince to Brehaut:
“I would say Brehaut is just behind mentally. I think they’re both very athletic, both capable of a D1 QB. But look at the stats, how far can you drop off? Not saying that Kevin Prince played bad, but it’s been sorta ‘don’t screw this up.’ Right now its play defense, run the ball, play field position. When you throw for 100 yards and 48 percent, it’s not like you’re setting the world on fire.”

On the importance of Week 3:
“What scares me is this: Everyone assumes Kansas State is a foregone conclusion. What happens with young teams is they think they’re better than they really are. I think that for them as a young team, the coaches really have to remind them that they have to really put it on K-State. This is a really important game for them.”

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  • ReformedDroog

    Was Brehaut named the starter for this Saturday?

  • cv

    Wow Cook just nailed it!

  • so west Coast

    i second that. he’s right on.

  • AnOn

    Hit the nail on the head.