Confirmed: Willie Mobley not a Bruin…yet

As confirmed by a source, former Ohio State defensive tackle Willie Mobley does not have the required credits to enroll in UCLA for the fall quarter. Mobley plans on attending Orange Coast College, and will still have three years of eligibility.

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  • Fan4Life

    Well, at least he isn’t enrolling at Compton College.

  • BRUtus

    Damn. That really sucks. Hopefully he’ll come back to us in the summer. The guy is a real talent and I’ve heard from my Ohio State friends that hes a great kid as well. Work Hard Willie!

  • BruinFaithful

    Not good. Damn it!!!! I don’t want him getting stuck in JC gear. I hope he stays commited to UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Is it required credits or passing grades… or is that the same thing?

  • theuclan

    doesn’t suprise me – shows how important grades are at our school…. I’m sure pete could get him in the mix at southern cal though?

  • bruinbiochem06


    Will one semester of OCC classes be sufficient? In other words, can he join the team by spring?

  • lavsmousse

    Supposedly the issue isn’t his grades but that some of the classes he took at OSU aren’t transferable to the UC system. Guess Tressel didn’t want to burden his players with tough academics.

  • Willie

    no, pete couldn’t get him in because he’s not good
    enough to play at SC, ucla homer.

  • pr

    lavsmousse is dead on – I remember a story about Robert Smith wanting to take upper division bio classes because he was thinking about going to med school when his career was over and being told by the coaching staff that he should focus more on football.

    here is the article from si’s archives:

  • bbruin

    Can you clarify? How many classes and semesters is he stuck at OCC. When can he enroll at UCLA and when can he practice with the team?