Neuheisel On:

On practice:
“Very excited about the intensity and effort today. Doesn’t mean we’re anywhere close to perfect, but when you get a football team that comes out and answers the bell with respect to increased intensity following yesterday’s workout, that’s rewarding as a coach. They’re listening and they want it.”

On the QB battle:
“We’ll continue to evaluate. Both kids are eager and working hard, and both bring something to the table. We’ll make the determination here as the week goes on, but I would not be surprised if we played both. I want to continue to roll it around in my head – a vast, empty wasteland. I think we could make a choice, but I don’t know that we have to.”

On the QB battle being beneficial for both quarterbacks:
“Both kids are growing as they’re competing. As soon as you call off the jam in the competition, you may call off jam in the improvement. We’ll let somebody know on Saturday. A little uneasiness isn’t bad, it makes you work harder.”

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  • Anon

    What’s a “jam’?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    What’s a “jam?” What’s a “jam?”

    You mean you never wathced Roller Derber? The lead skater after scoring points puts their hands on their hips signifying that the “jam” is off thereby denying the other team the right to score.

    As Jim Croce wrote:

    “I fell in love with a Roller Derby Queen.
    Meanest hunk of woman that I have ever seen.”