Is Craft the starter?

It would sure seem that way based on Thursday’s practice. Kevin Craft took most of the reps with the first-string unit. He probably got 80 percent of the work with the first-string unit, and Richard Brehaut 20 percent. Craft also took most of the reps with the first-string on Wednesday. Rick Neuheisel said he and Norm Chow still haven’t decided on a starter, but he did say he’s still leaning toward a dual deal where both will play.

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About Jill Painter

Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • Jewin

    Jill, how did Craft look? Were his passes accurate and crisp? Was his decision making impressive? Did he exude confidence? Thanks.

  • VB

    How does Craft look? Do you think he has improved at all from last year? Maybe we should give Osaar one more shot. lol

  • dmac

    craft will look great with a strong running game.

  • Keith

    I think it’s a great move to give Craft a second chance with a new line and team in a new year. He was a warrior last year, even though the results were terrible. Here’s hoping he can redeem himself in his own mind and the fans’.

  • Anonymous


  • doug4ucla

    Got to be better playing QB standing up and not playing on you back…….

  • VenturaBruin

    Starting is over-rated.

    It’s who finishes that really counts.

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW!!!! Things must be bad or tough. Norm NEVER likes to go with a QB platoon.

  • Cris

    he has a better line and he was a trooper under a situation he could not control last year. I think he shines like Drew did when we needed him.

  • LAPDBruin’84

    Could not have said it any better, “Cris.” The kid is a natural athlete and a helluva warrior! God Bless him for hangin’ in there last year. There were flashes of brilliance, but for the most part Kevin was running for his life with that porous OL and anemic running attack. How can any QB go through his reads, his basic progressions without being harried the way he was abused last season. A year in the program, a better (young, talented and developing) OL, and more talented set of receivers and backs should give him a better chance to thrive…From what it sounds like, the KS game is a good opportunity for him to silence those morons who booed him at the SDSU game when he came in for that one snap!

    Good luck on Saturday, Kevin! We know what you’re made of!!! I’d go to battle with you….Now show ’em that you’re a solid QB!!! GO BRUINS!!!

    As for Richard Brehaut! He’s gonna be awesome when his time comes. I love this kid’s attitude and leadership. It would be cool to see both QBs play this Saturday!

  • Steve

    Will be interesting to see how Craft plays behind a improved line and with a better running game.

    Sounds like Brehaut will get some PT, but just doesn’t have the overall command of the offense to be named the starter.


  • Coach Thom

    Coach Norm has to temper his offensive scheme to suit Kevin’s talents and tendencies. With our improved OL, stronger running game, and measured play calling, we should get through this game with a W.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear.

    For those enthusiastic to see Kevin back in a starting role…

    Even against a team as inept as Washington, Craft threw 3 INTs, 13/22 for 135 yards. K-State’s just going to send the house on every play, because it’s completely apparent that regardless of how he does with time, when the opposing D brings pressure Craft is almost as likely to throw it to the other team as to his own (and 3x as likely to throw an INT as a TD – what fun!).

    Here’s hoping for 65 handoffs to Franklin and Coleman.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    “…but just doesn’t have the overall command of the offense to be named the starter.”

    Steve, you nailed it on the head. I honestly think the coaches walked into the week ready to give the nod to Brehaut but he was apparently overwhelmed on Tuesday which opened the door for AirCraft. That said, I still think Brehaut gets in for a few series during the game where feasible.

    Go Bruins!

  • cv

    The line is not that much better.

  • joe bruin

    This report falls into the category of info that you aren’t supposed to share ms Painter…we don’t need to give the other team any advantage in knowing who are qb for the game might be if the coaches choose not to announce their decision yet.

  • Opposing team’s scouts and other news media outlets

    Oh sure, put us out of a job, Jill Painter. Why do you Daily News reporters hate us so much?

  • Joe B

    Joe Bruin,

    So you are saying that the coaches’ decision not to make a decision yet is giving Kansas State “secret” information that will give them an advantage? The lack of information must be concealed? That’s a stretch.

    Frankly, I want Tony Danza as my QB.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Joe, at least 2 of the “other” newspapers in town reported that Craft took most of the snaps with the first unit as well so Jill is far from alone. This stuff is routinely reported all the time…if Jill was reporting on schemes, formations, etc., that the Bruins were installing for K-State, then it would be a different story.

  • SBBruin

    jesus…cant people lay off Jill?

    As for me, I’d like to see Craft gain some measure of redemption, if only for one game. He was a prized JC recruit who opted for UCLA, was never expected to start day 1, and battled hard behind a terrible O-Line and anemic running game.

    Let’s hope with a strong running game and improved O-Line he can manage us to a solid victory.

  • rejn

    Brehaut is probably getting screwed. It is what it is. If he’s not redshirting, and if Prince is the guy, and now if Kraft is finding favor with Chow and Neuheisel, hmmm. If Brehaut is really that good, which I think he is, I seriously doubt that he will stick around. He’s going to be buried behind Prince and never have a chance to start, unless Prince is real injury prone. But I won’t bank my career on someone getting hurt as the only way I’ll see meaningful playing time.

    I really hope Brehaut gets alot of playing time tomorrow, otherwise we can start hearing the transer rumors, true or untrue.

    And this is NOT meant to knock Neuheisel. It is what it is. Prince and Brehaut are the same year. That’s not good…

  • Reformed Droog

    Transfer? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

    1. Brehaut is a true freshman. Outside of this year’s success and heavy press of true freshman qbs doing well, how many expect to ever see the field? They realize it’s meant to be a learning year. Granted, Brehaut burned his RS, but I am fairly certain he knew that was going to happen when he came to Westwood early…

    2. Brehaut doesn’t seem like the prima donna type from what I’ve heard of him. I don’t see him crying about having to learn the system and/or putting out pages of FACTS because his feeling are hurt.

    3. I think everyone knows Brehaut is the UCLA qb of the future. I have a lot of respect for Prince, but he hasn’t proven himself to be the next Gary Beban. Or Cade McKnown. Or even Drew Olson. This is not to imply that he couldn’t be down the road, but suffice it to say that Brehaut has every reason to believe he will compete for (and likely win) the starting job once he knows the offense better. That could happen in 3 or 4 games, let alone next season.

    4. If I was Brehaut, I’d be hesitant to jump behind an o-line that still isn’t close to 100%. The line should be remarkably improved next year when he’ll likely be our starting qb. Instead, play some garbage time but be prepared to jump in there if Craft goes down or struggles.

    Just my $0.02.

  • RobM

    I’m happy that there are Bruin fans that recognize Craft’s toughness for sticking through a tough season last year and not hanging ALL the blame on him. He took his lumps on and off the field, yet he never complained or badmouthed any of his teammates or coaches. I think he’ll have a much better showing with the improved o-line and running game backing him up. I hope he gets a measure of redemption and some appreciation this time around!

    If we get control of the K-State game early… I think we could see some quality series with Brehaut. I’d really like to see more from our “future” QB.

    Please, let’s not “jump the shark” about transfers, even though we are getting that Nottingham kid next year. I’m guessing that Brehaut wasn’t redshirted because 1) they think he can start next year, so get him some reps this year, 2) another highly touted QB is coming next year, so redshirt Nottingham to stagger their eligibility… No need for transferring…

  • Johnny Angel

    Three cheers for Craft and the football savvy posters who recognize what Craft went through last year!

    I’m excited about tomorrow’s game. With both qbs playing it only works out for the best of the program.