• Anonymous


  • BruinBrock

    What does an annoyingly novice reporter for the SEC have to do with UCLA? That made me want to stick a fork in my ears.

  • Slippery Pete

    Makes me long for the days of the Hugh Johnson Report.

  • Watty

    Well, on the upside, the right-hand menu has the entire UCLA-Tenn game w/o interruptions…

  • Anonymous

    Yea I agree, the SEC report video was terrible. BUT, the link also has full video of the entire Tennessee/UCLA game, and re-watching a few select moments from that great game just brightened up my afternoon.

  • TruBruin

    Because someone sends you something Jon, it doesn’t make it UCLA blog worthy. I mean if we want SEC highlights we can simply turn on ESPN, the SEC’s own personal network.

  • The point of the link was for those that wanted to see the game once more could with no commercials.