Neuheisel On:

With the weekly press conference called off for Monday, we chatted with Rick Neuheisel for the last time before Tuesday. I’ll post more of his thoughts tomorrow.

On the win over Kansas State:
“Certainly excited about the 3-0 start. Certainly excited about having a chance to really fix the things that are plaguing us, especially on the offensive side. You’re walking around campus today, schools beginning, a lot of things going on, I think we find the bye at the appropriate times. A number of our players haven’t even been to a class.”

On injuries:
“I just got off the phone with our trainer. We’re unscathed, a few bumps and bruises. We hope to get Gavin Ketchum, Nick Ekbatani and Christian Ramirez for conference play against Stanford.

On what he’s seen from Week 1 to Week 3
“I think we’ve shown that were a resilient bunch. There have been points in all three ball games where the outcome is in question. There’s no wilt, there’s no fear. They resolve to keep playing, to play to the finish and see what happens.”

On the Kevin Craft to Terrence Austin touchdown:
“Huge. Huge for a number of standpoints, both great for the guys who play. It’s huge for the defense, to know the offense can contribute and know it’s not going to be another last year and the defense feels like it sodnes have to do everything. It was huge for the momentum in the game.”

On competing at Stanford like it did against K-State:
“No, the performance and the concentration have to go up. In a road environment, against a team much like Tennessee that probably feels it should’ve won a year ago.”

On Sheldon Price:
“I thought he played well; we didn’t ask him to do much in coverage, but from just watching him react, I don’t think it was too big for him. He’s a prototypical corner in terms of size and speed. I like where we are with him. As we gain confidence in him, we can ask him to do more.”

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  • theuclan

    Man the flags at crucial times are killing us. we should have blown KS out! Nice to see Craft get some protection in the pocket!!! why the heck are we not in the top 25?

  • Kevin Craft,

    He seems like a good QB for this team at this time. They say that Prince has the “it” factor working for him. But with Craft, I’d like to seem him be a little “less” happy-faced about his successes. Act like you’ve been there before or something along those lines. He’s a senior and the Bruins need senior-type leadership.

    I hope that part of Rick’s mental mind shift for the program is to move up in class….like SC.

    If UCLA is okay being an 8 & 6 team, 4th place in the Pac-10, and a Las Vegas Bowl team, then disregard all that I’m saying. But to become an elite team, they have to take care of business with less emotionally ups and downs….like Wooden’s basketball teams.

  • Mark

    You can’t always judge by the score. Ohio St barely beat Navy. Florida St barely beat Jacksonville.

    Craft did a nice job. Remember, Kevin barely got any reps or scrimmage time in the spring and fall. This was his scrimmage.

    The problem is Rick is afraid to cut loose on offense. I don’t know if his stint in the NFL as a coordinator has turned him into a conservative don’t make a mistake mentality. The good teams let it rip. Boise St had a freshman qb last year and won 12 games. They weren’t afraid.

    UCLA has to lose this mentality and decide that we are coming after you and dare them to make plays to stop us.

    Let Kevi Craft open up. Craft is the best option to win this year.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    Jon, can you provide your take on the Bruins getting ZERO love from the pollsters? 32 in one poll and 30 in another?! That’s just baffling, considering that NEARLY HALF of the teams in the top 25 (10, to be exact) have one loss.

  • apollo1987

    Sorry, but Craft is hardly the best option. He fought hard all last year and made some good plays on Saturday. However, he showed little vision and took off when he did not need to. The one deep pass he threw was intercepted. I commend him for the effort, but I think Brehaut should come out of this bye week as the starter, or at least a contributer. Prince is the best option going forward when he heals up because he has show the best vision and poise so far.

  • Kevin Craft

    You guys don’t understand. I’m basically Phillip Rivers without the accuracy. I don’t throw the ball downfield because I lack the arm strength. If coach would just stick with a West Coast style offense, I could easily complete 70% of my passes, even though i’d only average about 6 yards a completion.

    On the Terrance Austin TD: I don’t really know what happened on that one, i was trying to throw the ball away.

  • Steve

    Will be interesting how 1st team HB Christian Ramirez fits into the offense after missing 3 games and how he performs.


  • CAJason80

    “Open it up for Kevin Craft”….

    Are you insane? The two times Chow opened it up for Craft to throw downfield on Saturday, Craft threw two ducks – one to the *inside shoulder* of a receiver on a deep/fade route, and the second was that atrocious interception. On that second deep pass, Austin was open in the seam for about five seconds, until Craft had held the ball long enough for the safety and corner to recover and be in perfect position for an interception.

    Look, I have great respect for the pounding that Craft took last year and his toughness, but he has no downfield ability – vision or accuracy. As someone else mentioned, the best option with Craft is to have him throw 5/6 yard routes the entire game and hope for the best. Even then, Craft had some downright ugly balls that were thrown behind receivers.

    Craft may be a gamer but he lacks the talent and skill set that the younger kids do – ‘opening’ up the offense for Craft would result in more of the disasters that we saw last year, not help him.

  • Jon:

    Were the suspended players (Knox, Viney, Carroll, Pressley) on the bench on Saturday? Was looking for them but didn’t see them.

    In general, are suspended players allowed at the games?

  • I saw them in the locker room, but I did not notice them on the field, Richard. They will be back for Stanford, Neuheisel said.