Report Card – what are your grades?

RESULT: UCLA 23, Kansas State 9

Kevin Craft began to erase some bad memories from last season, finishing 13-of-24 for 186 with one touchdown and one interception. Craft had a few quackers, but displayed great mobility as Kansas State did not record a sack.

Johnathan Franklin was fantastic, Derrick Coleman was perhaps better in smaller duty, and the UCLA ground game gained 180 yards.

Nelson Rosario had three grabs for 45 yards, including an incredible, one-handed catch early in the fourth quarter. Terrence Austin had a beautiful 51-yard touchdown catch.

Mike Harris’ kick out block on Franklin’s three-yard touchdown run was a thing of beauty. This group just keeps getting better.

Six tackles for loss and four sacks by the unit made up for the missed gap assignments against the Wildcat formation and when Kansas State quarterback Carson Coffman scrambled.

Akeem Ayers (five tackles, three TFL, 2 sacks) was a beast. The Wildcats did an admirable job with Reggie Carter, limiting him to just four tackles.

Two more picks for Alterraun Verner, though Rahim Moore was shut out for the first time this year, dropping a clear interception in the fourth quarter. Sheldon Price, filling in for Courtney Viney, had a solid effort.

Kai Forbath drilled three more field goals, giving him nine on the year, and Jeff Locke averaged nearly 47 yards per punt. However, the coverage was poor, as Wildcat Brandon Banks had four kickoff returns for 135 yards.

Norm Chow seemed to abandon the run in the third quarter, calling five running plays to seven passes, and UCLA had just 29 yards. The option game seemed to be working, but the Bruins went away from it.

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  • big game 2

    Where were you when I went to school.
    UCLA won this game barely… to a team who last week lost to DIV8 team.
    Lets lift our standards!
    We need to score touchdowns! Not field Goals!!!

    We really won this game 13-9… if K STATE had anything in the tank they would have beaten like all the games we lost last year… Small lead at half-time… No offensive in the 3rd quarter… Our defensive on the field for 12 min… we lose in the fourth.

    Your grades are a high… not unlike a Kevin Craft pass… You give him B for not losing a game. I would give him a C-… He played just like last year, only this year benefiting from a great O LIne. The catch by Rosario a great example, believe or not if thrown in front him he scores. If you take away a blown coverage TD to Austin his line looks like Aaron Corpse.

    Our play calling was a joke. Mr Chow you wanna explain having a feeble poor ball handling QB doing the option? Nothing on the perimeter despite the fact we know have speed. Mr Thigpen is a blur, yet he gets no iso plays. Mr Chow gets some sleep watch some tape and deliver some offensive rhythm to our squad.

    I agree with the balance of your offensive grades. I cannot believe the growth in our O Line!!

    Our D Line was outstanding but we can only thank God for the underrated Bos bros…. Carter played awful over pursuing never staying in his lane.

    Our special teams coverage was again deja vu from last year… K STATE had great field position much of the game due to porous return coverage. Thank God for the 3 point shot or we would not score at all.

    Bring on Bree hoo and the return of the Gang of Four!


    Stop being a homer.

  • BleedingTrueBlue

    I love this blog, and Jon, i think you’re doing a fantastic job, but i will also agree that you are a very generous grader. If i were writing a paper I would want you to grade it. HA.

    A win is a win and i am very proud to have a 3-0 start, but Craft looked no better than last year, and the Offense still needs a ton of work.

  • Sid

    Man, some people just really have it in for KC…

    I think a “B” is a very fair grade for Craft’s performance.

    He managed the game well. He avoided sacks. He converted crucial third downs late in the game to extend drives and give our defense a rest. He made good reads and found the open receivers, and when nobody was open, he threw the ball out of bounds. He took shots downfield (which he NEVER did last year) and only made one mistake the entire game.

    He wasn’t perfect, but he was solid. I’d give him a B as well.

  • BruinFreak

    I would give Craft a C.
    As I was watching the game, there were many instances where Craft got lucky his passes weren’t intercepted. A few overthrows that I thought Prince would most likely have gotten the ball to his receivers.
    I think Brehaut could have started and won the game also.

    So while Craft did his job and helped UCLA win the game, I think the Bruins should be very concerned if they play a team who has a decent to good running game and a good QB.

  • Steve

    On the numbers, I think Craft might deserve a B. But if K-State had caught a couple more of those errand throws, he might have been 13-24, 1 TD and 3 Interceptions. More like a C or lower.

  • TruBruin

    These grades are more liberal than Obama. The play calling was quite questionable at times given that we were pretty much running the ball at will. Correct me if I am wrong but the most important thing that we needed to establish offensively was a running game coming into this season. Why then did we stall a couple possible scoring drives by passing the ball? Kraft’s pick came on a long ball that he threw up for grabs on a series that we were gaining 6-10 yards a carry. Until we prove over an entire season that we can successfully run the ball why would we go away from it when we are finally having success?

  • Coach Thom

    Our kids hung tough, as they did through the first 2 games. Craft showed leadership and great concern for his fellow teammates, especially when Jet-ski went down. There is true fellowship in this team, something not easy to instill. They don’t have the tools, talent, or experience of the elite teams, but they’re making a statement. They’re hurting their opponents and gaining the respect of their critics. They will play their hearts out every game this season and will certainly improve on 4-8. They will be a force to be reckoned with next year. Watch them, support them, and be proud.

  • Reformed Droog

    QB: C+/B-
    RB: A-
    WR: B
    OL: B+
    DL: B-
    LB: B-
    DB: B+
    ST: C+/B-
    CO: B


    Game grade for me is “W”. An old saying is out there, “if if was a 5th we’d be all F’d up”. We know a few things. our team is tough, and they appear to fight for one another. Everything else is preparation, talent and coaching.

    Go Bruins!!