I, Kia

Micah Kia is out for the season with a torn right ACL.
But his mind still works and is mouth is still firing.
Hopefully, we can run this I, Kia feature every Tuesday, if things work out.
Here’s what he has to say after Week 3:

Compared to last year, we are light years ahead. I feel like the chemistry is so much better than it was last year. For whatever reason, we didn’t seem to click last year. It’s still a mystery to me. This year, we are all on the same level. Last year we had a lot of older guys and not younger guys, now there are more young guys, and there is still a good bond between the two.

I think the competition during camp kind of brought out the fire in everybody. To a man, everybody was fighting as hard as they could. It was all out, every day. No one could cruise through anything. As a result, the offense is doing light years better.

As far as full potential, the offensive line has so much further to go, not only mentally but physically. As they go about this season, they’re going to grow so much more. As far as mentally, I credit the young guys ability to be coached. They’re very willing and very anxious to take any advice that the older guys or coaches have to give them.

Still, it’s heartbreaking not being able to contribute. Kansas State was the first game I could go to following the surgery, and it’s hard standing on the sidelines. You get real anxious, you see mistakes happen and want to get in there and fire off. But I’m extremely happy with the way their playing, extremely proud.
I’m overwhelmed with pride the way we’ve started.

My mindset going into camp was to go all out. Not only mine, but as a unit – we talked about not holding back, laying it all on the line. Eventually, that’s how you’ll have to play. But it’s the nature of the game – injuries happen. It’s extremely disappointing to have it happen when it did (at the very end of camp); to come so far and have it stop so short.

The Pac 10 is looking real strong. I’m proud to be in a conference where every week, every team has to play its hardest game. Cal is looking really good, despite the loss USC is always strong. Washington coming off the year it had last year, I’m impressed with them. But if we can eliminate the simple mistakes, be able to punch through in the red zone, I think we have a great shot contending.

Regardless of your situation, I would think that any good team would say they have a shot. You might not have the most talented players, but if the mindset is there, anything is possible. If you can play as one, have perfect chemistry – everyone understanding, everyone on the same page – then on game day, you can be the best team in the nation. Regardless who you’re playing, regardless who is on your side. To be in this position we are now, I believe we can go even further.

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  • Reformed Droog

    I feel terrible for him. You can really sense his love for the game and for his team. It’s unfortunate that he has struggled with injuries.


    Did this kid really say all that stuff or was he reading from a script?

    I have never seen a more articulate, clear and cogent expression from an athlete anywhere. Or anytime.

  • Be Real,

    Absolutely amazing. The kid is awesome, just such a straight-shooter. I told him to just keep riffing, say whatever is on his mind, and he was great. I would love this to be a regular feature every week.


  • Anonymous

    Its great to support a program that has articulate, bright student athletes. Many schools cannot say the same thing.

    If the cost of National Championships is replacing these type of players with thoughtless football factory cogs, I am quite happy doing the best we can with that type of student athlete we have.

    There is a lot to criticize Karl Dorrell for, but he did recuit bright, thoughtful football players.

  • 9UCLA5

    Be Real, this is UCLA, not USC, we have academic standards. šŸ™‚

  • BruinFaithful

    One of the features I really enjoyed from Dohn’s Blog was the 10 questions with ______ feature, where Brian would ask a current athlete his choice of the 10 best questions submitted by members. Polls were also used to determine who to question on a given week.

    I know this is your blog, but I really enjoyed this weekly feature. Some of the questions were also VERY clever, inventive, and entertaining. I would highly appreciate it, and I’m sure many more would also, if you could revive this tradition.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with BruinFaithful. I really enjoyed that feature as well.