• Anon

    A lot of guys choose UCLA because of their yellow fever. I knew a few when I was there.

  • Randor

    Well, I will happily report that UCLA is the ideal place for anyone with yellow fever.

    Jon, unless you actually have an awesome, snide sense of humor and this was intentional, I would suggest running your titles like this by a few folks next to you just to see if, per chance, they might see it as having an alternative meaning.

  • Rick James

    Wow, very disappointing, dare I say unacceptable.

    Not so much the penalties during the KSU game, but the fact that “yellow fever” links to an article about 300 lb. linemen.

  • Rieber Hall

    You guys are so tacky. You know he didn’t mean that…it’s a football post. I think most of us get that he’s talking about all of the penalties. Only at UCLA would someone mistake the title for what you guys are referring to. (well, maybe some other universities also)

  • Randor

    “Only at UCLA would someone mistake the title for what you guys are referring to.”

    Of course! I’m sure this wouldn’t be as unintentionally funny if this were a Nebraska blog.

  • I think I’m missing something…

    Uh, I was referring to the penalties, but I think I’m catching on…


  • La Femme Bruin

    Jon, ignore the above posters, who are no doubt disgruntled Trojan fans with nothing better to do than make snide comments on a UCLA message board in the wake of their recent defeat. I like the re-title though (lol).

  • MJD Lite

    Personally I thought the yellow fever comment was 100% pure unintentional hilarity. I was hoping Jon did it on purpose, but I guess no one will ever know.