Four for Four with Nick Ekbatani

On where he fits in with this offensive line:
“I’ll fit in wherever they need me; I’ve played every position since I’ve been here, and whoever’s lagging I can fit in for. It will create some good competition, get guys going.”

On the difference between last year’s offensive line and now:
“Guys are stronger this year, and while there are a lot of new faces and a lot rookie mistakes happening, they will only decrease as experience increases. But I think as a whole offense things have improved, and I think that’s why we’re better.”

On what went wrong since last season:
“Definitely you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and a lot of things last year forced guys to play. Baca did a great job for being a true freshman, but he wasn’t expected to play when he got in there and as 18 year old kid, he struggled at first. As soon as someone got hurt, they had to put in a guy who has never played before – Mike Harris, Sonny Tevaga. That experience helped them out though.”

On lacking experience on the O-line:
“It helped us grow up fast – traditionally, since I’ve been here, coach has been stuck with five guys, and they played them, played them played them. Then once those guys left, it was like we were left with a bunch of experience. I don’t think that will happen now.”

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  • bruindodger


    Great job with the blog and look forward to friday Q&A. Any chance to talk to Thigpen? I’m curious to learn more about him. Seems like a great kid and wish he would play more. Thanks again.