Neuheisel On:

On today’s practice:
“A little sluggish today. Defensively we played OK, but offensively we were sluggish. Hot day, not a game this weekend – probably to be expected. I’m disappointed by it, because I talked about those things and we didn’t get what I wanted.”

On the team regressing or staying the same:
“We stayed the same, and we can’t afford to do that. We’re not in a position as a program to stay the same. Coaches and players alike really have to come out here with a plan to get better. I don’t think we got there today. I don’t think it was a resistance; the focus wasn’t there. I don’t fault the effort, it was the focus. The bottom line is, we have to be better than that.”

On how this team is 3-0 after last year:
“We’re playing better football. We have a little bit of a running game. We’ve got better protection. We’re not turning it over as much. Still, we can make huge improvements in all those areas. And we’re playing great defense and causing turnovers.”

On how last year’s team went 4-8:
“Last year’s team was hit by a lot of adversity. We lost two senior quarterbacks in spring ball, several offensive linemen before we even took the field. It was going to be hard. First quarter of first game, we lost three seniors for extended time. Kyle Bosworth in the second game. We had some adversity, and we grew from it, even though the record may not indicate.”

On the four suspended players working to earn their jobs back:
“Hopefully they feel some measure of responsibility that they left their team down and that they owe great effort to get their spots back.”

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