Three for Three with Alterraun Verner

On what it’s like for a senior starting school again with a bye week:
“This is just routine now; it’s the start of school, lot of excitement, lot of people fresh off of summer, and things are relatively easy going in. The freshmen have to learn from this week that time management. School is going to take a big portion on top of football. For me, it’s no big thing. I’m already kind of mentally ready for this bye.”

On how the start of school changes things:
With us not having school, we can be out doing things, having a lot of activities. In school, you have to be here, we can go and get some extra film, you’re already here on campus. It can refocus, but at the same time, it can take away focus – with the parties and everything. It kind of depends on the person you are.”

On why this week is important:
“Some people might need this week a lot more; me, I can always focus in on technique. Make sure I can refine it – that’s how you make plays, through technique. I try and work on those little edges.”

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  • BruinFaithful

    ATV, such wisdom from such youth. Remember, he is still only 20 yrs. old. He won’t be 21 until the regular season is over, December 13th.

    ATV, the epitome of a student athlete. What all Bruins should aspire to be.

  • BruinFaithful

    How great it would be for ATV to cap off such an illustrious career with a Major Bowl Victory and the Jim Thorpe Award.